Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The very compact and irresistible Apple iPod Nano in 9 stunning colours

The new Apple iPod nano is the best compact gadget and a great christmas gifts article so far with a built in speaker, microphone and a camera. And an FM tuner with pause and play options. It has a nice and strong exterior, its body is scratch resistant and a seamless cylinder closed at the top and bottom. Apple has introduced the iPod nano in 9 stunning colors.You can get the ipod nano accesories also.

iPod nano


•    A high quality 2.2” screen with 376x 240 resolution
•    FM tuner with pause and play options
•    VGA 640 x 480 quality camera shoots H.264 at 30 fps with an ACC audio.
•    A 24 hour battery capacity and 5 hrs of video playback
•    The built in speaker reads out to you the info from your mobile

Compact gadgets are all the rage, and the smaller the gadget the better it is. So for all those compact gadget fans Apple iPod nano is the best buy. It has all the features of the famous iPod classic and being compact is an add on. And it comes in nine different amazing colors, so one can easily choose their favourite colours. It has comes in 8GB and 16GB storage space. Its sleek and slim and can be easily slid into pockets and it’s the ultimate for music lovers.

Source : www.varologic.com

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