Thursday, March 17, 2011

Enjoy Gaming with Sleek Designed Gioteck EX-01 Headset

It is a limited edition Desert Flak jacket version. The simple and unusual design of it attracts attention of almost every one. The Bluetooth headset is a perfect contrast of dark and light shades. Also with its exquisite sound control mechanism, ease the user with adjusting the volume levels. In addition it also amplifies the sound and makes it clear and audible. It has few enhanced features like power and mute for the convenience of the user.

Geoteck headset


•    Simple and unusual design
•    Comfortable to wear for a long time
•    External sponge speaker
•    Has an arm that rotates 20 degrees
•    Has ergonomic volume control
•    Power and mute controls
•    Clear and audible sound quality

The Gioteck EX 01 Bluetooth Headset external speaker sponge is designed as to suit the user’s ear with peace without causing any damage to user’s ear hole and comforts user for long time while playing. Very often one must have experienced that their ear starts aching after some time while playing PS3; this misleads the user and often results into avoidance. It allows the movement of the arm to 20 degrees as to pacify the user. This is definitely, gifts for him as it is swanky, bold and artistic and guys are often found to be geek. The Gioteck EX 01 is specifically designed for use with the Sony PS3 but is also compatible with all Bluetooth enabled phones. Charging is done via USB. 

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