Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Nintendo biggest Handheld DS Platform called 3DS is on the way

Nintendo has not given any other play station after its DS since 2004. They want to give the strong knock to the world. They have the ideas of launching the leading handheld portable gaming console what they are temporarily calling it “Nintendo handheld 3DS”. It is under the production. Nintendo hasn’t revealed the accurate fine points of it. But it bears out that this palm-sized gaming console will be the biggest handheld gaming portal of the year. It believes in the quality of the software rather than the cool design of hardware. But now it has included the hardware and software both which turns on 3-D effects. It will set aside users to view 3-D images without any necessitate for particular eye glasses. Will it land in to the field of competition against Sony PSP and other popular famous gaming console? Well, it will be very well known in the upcoming fiscal year! We are also hoping that we will get its best Nintendo DS accessories too.

Nintendo handheld 3DS

Its design, if truth be told, gives the excellent impression. It will surely boom the world. We've also heard that the forthcoming hand over gadget would have a "motion feeler" of some sort, so if Nintendo in reality has planned a head-track 3D solution, then perhaps the console is all set to set out. So what’s your wit telling? Are you keen to order it in advance?

Source : www.varologic.com

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