Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Miniature accessory for a palm - QStarz SR-Q2100 GPS navigation system

Are you an adventurer? Are you a world traveler? Are you a globetrotter? Is traveling your hobby? For all those people who are very much fond of traveling, tourism, here is a proper gadget for you by QStarz. QStarz SR-Q2100 handheld GPS navigation system is properly targeted for the person who loves to travel much. It cracks the problem of handling large-sized GPS navigation systems. Now no need to be bothered of carrying such sized GPS navigations system as this handhold feature crack your anxiety. This will fit in your palm easily. This navigations system gives you many facilities that it won’t let any circumstances that spoil your blissful nomadic.
QStarz SR-Q2100 handheld GPS navigation system

Want to know its qualities? Here is your answer…

•    Services: cycle computer, track logger up to 42,496 waypoints, digital compass, route guider.
•    Software: QTravel for travel logging, QSports for health management & QPlanner for route-planning.
•    IPX-7 waterproof design
•    LCD size: 38 x 32mm 1.8".
•    Backlight support mode: Waypoint and Bike, Smart power saving.
•    Usage time: 25 hours and 22 hours including backlight
•    Portray ability: information concerning to Temperature, Odometer, Calories, Current time, Distance,
     Average Speed.
•    Network support: WAAS and EGNOS, GPS chipset.

This 10-in-1 fully-featured Navigadget is up standing to your requirements that provides you a pleasant voyage. Its waterproof characteristic even doesn’t let the climatic condition to spoil your trips. I think this is the right gadget letting your trip in your palm.

Source : www.varologic.com


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