Monday, March 7, 2011

Open Can Effortlessly with the Culinare One Touch Automatic Can Opener

Now it is time to say goodbye to the old unsafe can openers where you had to hold Can tightly or the lid felt inside or finger cuts paid the price while removing the lid as Culinare brings the amazing One touch Can opener. Just place the opener on top of the Can and press the start button as soon as you do so the lid removes automatically without your hands being involved. After the process the machine stops automatically. Additionally as soon as you remove the opener the inbuilt magnet holds the lid automatically. The piece can rest anywhere in any drawer!It is a great Christmas gifts articles for your granny who has a real tough time opening cans.
Press the Culinare One touch Can Opener
Culinare One touch Can Opener holds the lid
•    Opens Cans automatically with one touch
•    Easy to clean and store
•    2 x quality AA batteries included
•    A Magnet to removes lid safely
•    Ergonomic design
•    Opens most round cans
•    Gives Clean, quick, and effortless Can opening
•    Best when have limited hand mobility
It opens any size Can- small, medium or large smoothly and quickly. This battery operated opener revolves around the can automatically and opens it in just few seconds. It cuts the lids without creating any sharp or dangerous edges! It is best for the patient suffering from Arthritis and perfect kitchen gadget when in hurry or when both your hands are occupied. It requires 2 AA batteries for operating. It comes in many colors like Lime, Blue, Black and Red.

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