Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Apple Magic Mouse a cool device to interact with the computer

The sleek and slender Apple Magic Mouse has brought in the Multi-Touch technology to your desktop. It is a seamless dramatic design, and can be passed off as a futuristic gadget by the look of it. It has cool gestures and swipes to the usual clicks and is a more intuitive and trendy way to interact with the computer.

apple mouse


•    A glossy and sleek design
•    Seamless multi-touch technology
•    Laser tracking engine
•    Connects to Mac via blue tooth wireless technology
•    Easy and hassle free to Bluetooth setup

As the  Magic Mouse is a wireless gadget makes a perfect christmas gifts article, no need to remain confined to the desk space.  Now interacting with the Apple Magic Mouse is much easier and convenient. The magic mouse can also be turned off and on, thus helps in saving battery power. Even when it is in use, it uses energy smartly and efficiently by detecting the time gap of inactivity. The top of the Mouse is the multi touch area and one can scroll in any direction, swipe through web pages and photos and double click anywhere.

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