Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dress up your iPhone 4 with 6 different colors Bumper Cases

iPhone 4 is ruling the mobile market with its sleek design and 3.5 inch Retina display screen. And if you are looking for cases to guard this little masterpiece then why not try the apple iPhone 4 Bumper cases. They are latest trend to carry your mobile in. Bumper cases come in 6 different colours.

Black Bumper Case
They are made up of two kinds of plastic- a band of hard shiny plastic in middle and a slightly more elastic and matte finish plastic in the surrounding band. It has recessed areas for headphones jack, USB port, mute switch, mic and speakers and metal buttons for volume and power buttons.
Blue Bumper Case
These two tone color bumpers are a blend of rubber and molded plastic and slides easily in your pocket. They give decent amount of grip without creating grip-pants-pocket feeling like the other rubber cases.
Pink Bumper Case
The six flash color bumper cases have removed the antenna woes too.The various experiments done on it shows that you can carry your iPhone 4 in bumper cases without worrying about the loss of coverage anywhere you go and hold it in any position you desire. They are a great christmas gifts article for the iPhone owners.
Orange Bumper Case
Just slip your 5.7 x 2.8 x 0.5 inches Bumper Case around your sleek designed iPhone 4 and protect it from the scratches and damages. The bumper case weighs only 5 ounces so easy to carry.
White Bumper Case
The six splashing color ranges from Baby Pink, Sky Blue, Royal Black, Serene White, Soothing Green and lovely Orange. So decorate your iPhone 4 with these colourful cases and make a statement!

The very compact and irresistible Apple iPod Nano in 9 stunning colours

The new Apple iPod nano is the best compact gadget and a great christmas gifts article so far with a built in speaker, microphone and a camera. And an FM tuner with pause and play options. It has a nice and strong exterior, its body is scratch resistant and a seamless cylinder closed at the top and bottom. Apple has introduced the iPod nano in 9 stunning colors.You can get the ipod nano accesories also.

iPod nano


•    A high quality 2.2” screen with 376x 240 resolution
•    FM tuner with pause and play options
•    VGA 640 x 480 quality camera shoots H.264 at 30 fps with an ACC audio.
•    A 24 hour battery capacity and 5 hrs of video playback
•    The built in speaker reads out to you the info from your mobile

Compact gadgets are all the rage, and the smaller the gadget the better it is. So for all those compact gadget fans Apple iPod nano is the best buy. It has all the features of the famous iPod classic and being compact is an add on. And it comes in nine different amazing colors, so one can easily choose their favourite colours. It has comes in 8GB and 16GB storage space. Its sleek and slim and can be easily slid into pockets and it’s the ultimate for music lovers.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The HTC HD2 slim free packed with all the new features for a great mobile experience

Mobiles have become an indispensible commodity in our lives. They are perfect when it comes to Christmas gifts and presents. So now when having a phone has become essential the brand name of the phone sets your status symbol. The HTC is one of the prominent names when it comes to the influential brands in the industry. The HTC HD2 sim free mobile is laced with a lot of interesting features that makes it all the more stylish. With great features like HTC Sense™, the device uses intuition for an excellent mobile experience where as the feature like the ringer volume level senses when you pick up the phone and automatically lowers the ringing volume. The screen also adjusts the light intensity sensing the surrounding light, and also keeps the screen off during an ongoing call to prevent false touches.



•    Ambient light sensor
•    Windows mobile 6.5 Professional
•    Facebook integration
•    5 megapixel camera with duel LED flash and auto focus
•    CPU Processing Speed 1GHz Snapdragon™ processor
•    Digital Compass

Well known for its high quality and great technology HTC has introduced the latest HTC HD 2 which comes forth as a high tech and trendy mobile with all the desirable features and a great viewing experience with a 4.3” screen. The 4.3 “screen has a stunning display  is the largest touch screen HTC has ever introduced. It is also for the first time that the capacitive touch screen technology and the Windows have been collaborated onto a single mobile phone. The HTC HD2 has a 1GHz processing power that ensures a super fast and a smooth operation on the slightest touch of the mobile screen.

Bejewel your ears with the UMREED Shiny Jewelry Earphone

Bejewel your ears with style with UMREED Shiny Jewelry Earphones, they are like a kind of gem which creates an appealing look. The cords of these earphones will resemble like a beaded earrings. We can say that the gene of the earphone is crossed with this earring to give such a stunning product which blends both fashion and technology. Fashion spreads like fire and these earphones also have made their name in both the industry of fashion and technology.
UMREED Shiny Jewelry Earphone

You just have to dress them in your ears and you are on the go. You can get these earphones in bright blue and pink colours. Girls will like both of them and the blue one, boys can wear them too. If you want to appeal your friends then get this pretty cool Shiny Jewelry for $22.80.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Share music in an unruffled style with Music Branches Audio Splitter

What is the use of having special & melodic records of music if they aren’t cherished by your colleagues, pals and buddies? You may have sometime thought of sharing this with your mates but have no option except using the tedious black standard headphones. This might sounds your rock-on songs very dull. There is a solution of coming out of this dilemma. You can now attempt to share your music collections with your companions in a cool style by using Music Branches Audio Splitter. It will thunderous out your audio in air for sure.

Music Branches Audio Splitter

It has the following specialty:

  • 3 outputs
  • Compatible with 3.5 mm headphones jack
  • Elegant gaze & design

This modish audio splitter performs the basic function of splitting the music like all other audio splitter does. It will crack your music yielding three outputs which can easily go with the ordinary 3.5 mm headphone jacks. Its design definitely bangs those usual audio splitters. If you want to create true community of your glorious jams then this splendid splitter will certainly prove very supportive. So don’t want & just dig it.

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Sony PIIQ collection- a designed for all

Music, the word itself is so refreshing. However, in order to enjoy good music you need to have good headphones. No sooner, we talk about music and headphones the first name that strikes our mind is Sony.  Sony has launched a series a skull candies that can allure any girl. These earphones are specially designed and are given a feminine touch.
Sony PIIQ Headphone

This set of elegant earphone design is named Sony PIIQ and is suitable for all. You can get this designer piece at an affordable price. First in the collection is Marquii with black DJ and hot pink color headphones.  Marquii arrives with padded ear cups big drivers, detachable cord and locking headband. When we talk about 30MM drivers, flexible ear cups and cords that are color coordinated to match the 3 different designs we get the picture of Giiq headphones.
Sony PIIQ Headphone
The best amongst the designs is the Qlasp. It is a unique but cute design. These ear buds cling to your ear lobe in every situation. You just need to plug in the ear buds and forget it. You can get the PIIQ collection ranging from $99.99 to $14.99. Whew! I knew it is affordable.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

The chic and trendy Skullcandy Titan In-Line Volume Earphones

The in-ear head phones from skull candy come with colourful ear tips and cables and anodized aluminium ear pieces and make a perfect christmas gifts product. All in all they are highly chic, trendy and fashionable. And are a rage amongst the tweens and the teens. The earphones however tiny it may look is really a musical juggernaut of enormous proportions.

skullcandy earphones

Technical Details

•    An NdFeB magnet type
•    20-20K frequency range
•    100mW max input power
•    11mm speaker diameter
•    1.3m cable length
•    A 3,5mm gold plated plug
•    Accessorised with a nylon mesh carrying case
•    Includes comply foam tips
•    A 16ohms impedance

The skull candy earphones come in a variety of colors ranging from the beautiful black and white to the bold yellows, greenz and purples. The pack of the Skull Candy Titan In-Line Volume Earphones comes with the three different sizes for the ear tips so you can use whatever ear tip fits and suites you thus making listening comfortable and enjoyable.These earphones are a treat for the bass loving youngsters.

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Enjoy Gaming with Sleek Designed Gioteck EX-01 Headset

It is a limited edition Desert Flak jacket version. The simple and unusual design of it attracts attention of almost every one. The Bluetooth headset is a perfect contrast of dark and light shades. Also with its exquisite sound control mechanism, ease the user with adjusting the volume levels. In addition it also amplifies the sound and makes it clear and audible. It has few enhanced features like power and mute for the convenience of the user.

Geoteck headset


•    Simple and unusual design
•    Comfortable to wear for a long time
•    External sponge speaker
•    Has an arm that rotates 20 degrees
•    Has ergonomic volume control
•    Power and mute controls
•    Clear and audible sound quality

The Gioteck EX 01 Bluetooth Headset external speaker sponge is designed as to suit the user’s ear with peace without causing any damage to user’s ear hole and comforts user for long time while playing. Very often one must have experienced that their ear starts aching after some time while playing PS3; this misleads the user and often results into avoidance. It allows the movement of the arm to 20 degrees as to pacify the user. This is definitely, gifts for him as it is swanky, bold and artistic and guys are often found to be geek. The Gioteck EX 01 is specifically designed for use with the Sony PS3 but is also compatible with all Bluetooth enabled phones. Charging is done via USB. 

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Fine Drive iQ 3D impressive GPS navigation device

Nowadays when people are much aware about the GPS navigation devices technology is also presenting them modified and improved gadgets with outstanding innovations. The new liberated Fine Drive iQ 3D shows its brilliant navigation functionality with a smooth and sleek shape design. This amazing device has a stunning outlook and once you get acquainted with this powerful gadget you will easily become its fan. It proves to be most reliable navigation device carrying stylish and trendy features.
Fine Drive iQ 3D GPS navigation

Fine Drive iQ 3D impressive GPS navigation device supports virtual 3D maps information absolutely free with the newest TPEG traffic service. It has a special technology which provides complete South Korea territorial information. The magnificent device has 7-inch touchscreen display and gives proper destination guidance, weather forecast and DMB channel updates. It is equipped with 6 Watt of integrated speakers and efficient software calculates the carbon emission. The most significant feature is that you don’t have worry about signals as it will facilitate constant signals. It also finely equipped with 8GB of internal memory storage as well. With all such fascinating functioning it is retailing at just $336 only…

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Versatile Gobandit GPS powerful video capturing camcorder

Even if you are having the recent photo capturing gadget you will surely get impressed by the new launched Gobandit GPS powerful video capturing camcorder and make journeys more adventurous. It fulfills a complete innovative upgraded technology capacity and water-resistant gadget with a magnificent GPS setup. Interestingly its users will explore the extreme capacitive functionality of the latest device conveniently.
Gobandit GPS powerful video capturing camcorder

Multi-purpose Gobandit GPS powerful video capturing camcorder built-in GPS navigation enables fast video recording, ensures display of maps and even direct over spread of recorded footage demo. Apart from all these you can even visualize the present speed & height from the surface and captures the footage at 720p30 speed with 5MP magnifying pictures with an auto focus of 2/5 seconds intervals. Wonderful gizmo has the support of integrated 2GB of memory and also SDHC (upto 32 GB of video capturing). Exclusive fast speed camcorder will available at a cost of $470…

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Trywin DTN-X750 Portable GPS navigation system

Make your trips more favorable with the latest DTN-X750 Portable GPS navigation system from Trywin. Apparently, the GPS navigation devices are the most helpful in navigating the strange locations anytime. This newly designed DTN-X 750 Portable Navigator makes your traveling experience simpler and comfortable. Ultra-stylish GPS navigation device is highly equipped with an array of innovative features and upgraded technologies. Its striking handheld shape ensures an easy handling and fulfilling prospective demands of the consumers.

Trywin DTN-X750 Portable GPS navigation system

Trywin DTN-X750 Portable GPS navigation system is finely supported with a 5 inch LCD touchscreen display at a resolution of 800 x 480 pixels and an efficient 4GB of internal memory capacity. Its smart design and look allows its user to watch favorite serials with its 1Seg TV tuner and powerful 1W Mono-aural speakers. Even these speakers are highly compatible with a variety of music and video format files. Apart from these super demanding features, the device internal memory is effectively improved with a micro sdhc memory card and enables 1.5 hrs of battery life. Its magnificent built-in features easily boost up the portable GPS navigation systems market soon …

Miniature accessory for a palm - QStarz SR-Q2100 GPS navigation system

Are you an adventurer? Are you a world traveler? Are you a globetrotter? Is traveling your hobby? For all those people who are very much fond of traveling, tourism, here is a proper gadget for you by QStarz. QStarz SR-Q2100 handheld GPS navigation system is properly targeted for the person who loves to travel much. It cracks the problem of handling large-sized GPS navigation systems. Now no need to be bothered of carrying such sized GPS navigations system as this handhold feature crack your anxiety. This will fit in your palm easily. This navigations system gives you many facilities that it won’t let any circumstances that spoil your blissful nomadic.
QStarz SR-Q2100 handheld GPS navigation system

Want to know its qualities? Here is your answer…

•    Services: cycle computer, track logger up to 42,496 waypoints, digital compass, route guider.
•    Software: QTravel for travel logging, QSports for health management & QPlanner for route-planning.
•    IPX-7 waterproof design
•    LCD size: 38 x 32mm 1.8".
•    Backlight support mode: Waypoint and Bike, Smart power saving.
•    Usage time: 25 hours and 22 hours including backlight
•    Portray ability: information concerning to Temperature, Odometer, Calories, Current time, Distance,
     Average Speed.
•    Network support: WAAS and EGNOS, GPS chipset.

This 10-in-1 fully-featured Navigadget is up standing to your requirements that provides you a pleasant voyage. Its waterproof characteristic even doesn’t let the climatic condition to spoil your trips. I think this is the right gadget letting your trip in your palm.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Reach the destination with new Tony Stewart’s Rightway Spotter GPS navigation system

Tony Stewart brings ways in hearts of NASCAR Sprint Cup series’ fan follower by its Rightway Spotter GPS Navigation System. This GPS Navigation system renders CoPilot’s navigation engine and the NASCAR licensing which appeals to the motorsport fans. Although Tony’s voice is not available for the full street name guidance, he will give certain instructions to guide to your destination. It has automatic route calculation and re-calculation.
Rightway Spotter GPS Navigation Syatem

It has a clear 2D, 3D and a Drive Safety map views which gives the correct idea about the route with image. It has An Automatic day/night mode hence no problem at night and is available with English, Spanish and French language options. The other features of this fantastic christmas gift gadget are the Destination entry by zip code, street, city or intersection thus you reach the exact place in one shot, a turn-by-turn full street name voice guidance and a Multi-stop planning with route optimization. Isn’t it enough for $180?

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Samsung captivates with new Eco friendly LE46B650T2 LCD HDTV

Samsung out with a fabulous 46 inch broad television named Samsung LE46B650T2 LCD HDTVSamsung LE46B650T2 has a sleek design with the distinctive harmonious qualities reflecting nature’s essential elements. The dual injection technology is used in manufacturing the Samsung crystal TV making it Eco friendly as well as no spray paints are used so no emission of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Moreover 90% of its parts are recyclable and having efficient power consumption gives high energy savings. The Samsung Motion Plus runs at 100 Hz to 200 Hz and delivers the fastest scenes with absolute clarity, precision and completely blur-free. And the Ultra clear Panel improves the picture quality further. The new anti-reflective coating reduces reflection and gives more vibrant colors.
Samsung LE46B650T2


•    Samsung FHD  Crystal Engine
•    An Eco friendly Crystal TV giving flawless images.
•    USB 2.0
•    The ultra clean Panel
•    X2 scart
•    Full 1080p HD quality
•    100hz Motion Plus
•    4 HDMI ports
•    Content Library, Game mode
•    Internet TV
•    DLNA enabled
It can be given as christmas gift. Its internet facility helps keeping timely track of the weather, sports results, stock market and YouTube easily by using Widgets. It is accessible to wired as well wireless connection with the Samsung wireless LAN adaptor. The photo widgets make photo sharing services like Flickr enjoyable. You can even enjoy the informative notes on the subjects like cooking, education, games and health and many more from the pre loaded content library. The library can be updated time to time as well can be customised. The Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) turns the TV into the Digital media player, eradicating the extra work of first copying the media files to USB storage device and then connecting it to TV. Thus the Samsung LE46B650T2 is all set to turn your living room into theatre with its remarkable features.

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Monday, March 7, 2011

The Renewable Solar Powered iPod Speaker frees You from the Clutches of Batteries

The expiry dates of batteries and the fear of getting damaged if used continuously for long time has always being a big trouble. But now it’s no more. The Solar Powered iPod Speaker brings relief to the dilemma of replacement of battery. It brings a great revolution in ipod speakers ranges. This iPod uses the solar energy which gets stored in its lithium battery. Hence saves the electricity as well your money from flowing in water. It is a perfect Christmas gifts and a great green gadget.
Solar Powered iPod Speaker

Three hours of charging enables it for one hour of use. The rugged aluminium and rubberized body resists it from splicing with water. It has two 5 watt speakers built inside the speaker’ specs. Has the compatibility to work with most varieties of iPods, iPhones and MP3 players. This eco-friendly iPod speaker is a smart way to save non renewable resources and help the planet to maintain its charm. And to get hold of this non-conventional tool with a remote have to spend $199.

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Stretching alarm clock wakes you up in a healthy way

Getting up in the morning has always being a difficult task for me. I may keep tens of alarm but all in vain they never succeeded in getting me up on time. Rather I would get up and shut them up and again back to sleep. But there is a new gadget ( can be used as christmas gifts ) launched in this field, Streching alarm clock is the first alarm clock which not only wakes you from your sleep but is beneficial to your health too. It’s really good news for me as I hate the music played by those concept alarm clocks and the irritating task they force you do in morning.
Stretching Alarm clock

Be it hitting some target or solving a puzzle they all don’t help me get up from my snooze rather leaves me frustrated in the morning. But this alarm clock is unique and has a healthy way too. This pillow clock is designed by Seung-hee Ryu has alarm inside the pillow with a pair of fabric arms attached to it. All you need do to turn off the alarm is to just pull those arms in stretching position. The only thought that troubles me is that there is no guarantee that I will not go off to sleep after turning off the alarm.

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Open Can Effortlessly with the Culinare One Touch Automatic Can Opener

Now it is time to say goodbye to the old unsafe can openers where you had to hold Can tightly or the lid felt inside or finger cuts paid the price while removing the lid as Culinare brings the amazing One touch Can opener. Just place the opener on top of the Can and press the start button as soon as you do so the lid removes automatically without your hands being involved. After the process the machine stops automatically. Additionally as soon as you remove the opener the inbuilt magnet holds the lid automatically. The piece can rest anywhere in any drawer!It is a great Christmas gifts articles for your granny who has a real tough time opening cans.
Press the Culinare One touch Can Opener
Culinare One touch Can Opener holds the lid
•    Opens Cans automatically with one touch
•    Easy to clean and store
•    2 x quality AA batteries included
•    A Magnet to removes lid safely
•    Ergonomic design
•    Opens most round cans
•    Gives Clean, quick, and effortless Can opening
•    Best when have limited hand mobility
It opens any size Can- small, medium or large smoothly and quickly. This battery operated opener revolves around the can automatically and opens it in just few seconds. It cuts the lids without creating any sharp or dangerous edges! It is best for the patient suffering from Arthritis and perfect kitchen gadget when in hurry or when both your hands are occupied. It requires 2 AA batteries for operating. It comes in many colors like Lime, Blue, Black and Red.

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Enjoy the pleasures of connecting to the e-world with Apple iPad 64 GB (Wi-Fi)

The Apple iPad 64GB(Wi-Fi) is a product to vouch for.it is a perfect Christmas gifts product. Its has an amazingly attractive screen and sleek features make it all the more desirable. It is very thin and light in weight so can be taken about anywhere. The apple iPad screen is outstanding and with good viewing angles. It has a 9.7 inch high resolution Led backlit display and an amazing multi touch capability. The glass surface of the apple iPad is finger print resistant and wipes off easily. The 4:3 screen is perfect for viewing slideshows presentations and photographs. It allows users to connect with their applications and enjoy the experience of web browsing, listening to music, viewing high quality videos, get eBooks and send and receive mails.

iPad Wi-Fi


•    A fingerprint resistant glossy screen
•    9.7” wide screen with LED and multi touch display facility
•    The Apple iPad supports multiple languages and characters
•    1024/768 pixel resolution with 132ppi
•    64 GB capacity
•    The Apple iPad can run almost 150,000 iPhone apps.
•    It has a 1 GHZ low power system on chip processor designed  to provide high performance 
The apple iPad 64GB (Wi-Fi) has a built in stereo speaker and comes with a Wi-Fi 802.11n. It also has a blue tooth and facility to connect a keyboard. The best thing about this is that most of the normal key board shortcuts work here. You can also pep it up with the apple iPad accesories.The best way one can experience emailing, videos, photos, surfing etc is through the Apple iPad. You can do all this and much more with just touch of a finger.

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Apple Magic Mouse a cool device to interact with the computer

The sleek and slender Apple Magic Mouse has brought in the Multi-Touch technology to your desktop. It is a seamless dramatic design, and can be passed off as a futuristic gadget by the look of it. It has cool gestures and swipes to the usual clicks and is a more intuitive and trendy way to interact with the computer.

apple mouse


•    A glossy and sleek design
•    Seamless multi-touch technology
•    Laser tracking engine
•    Connects to Mac via blue tooth wireless technology
•    Easy and hassle free to Bluetooth setup

As the  Magic Mouse is a wireless gadget makes a perfect christmas gifts article, no need to remain confined to the desk space.  Now interacting with the Apple Magic Mouse is much easier and convenient. The magic mouse can also be turned off and on, thus helps in saving battery power. Even when it is in use, it uses energy smartly and efficiently by detecting the time gap of inactivity. The top of the Mouse is the multi touch area and one can scroll in any direction, swipe through web pages and photos and double click anywhere.

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7" Notebook WiFi Google Android 2.0 MID Tablet PC is a Gadget worth Possessing

7" Notebook WiFi Google Android 2.0 MID Tablet PC is a great option to the apple ipad for the gadget geeks. It comes with the latest and most popular android operating system.  The chic designed tablet PC is light-weight and slim fit. It has implicit Wi-Fi and microSD slot for expansion. You can download the various free app that provide compatibility with the android operating system as to have everlasting entertainment.

7" Notebook WiFi Google Android 2.0 MID Tablet PC


•    Touchscreen
•    Android operating system
•    Wi-Fi
•    2GB flash storage
•    MicroSD expansion slot
•    Ethernet and USB connection
•    Digital LCD screen
•    Chic designed slim fit
•    Light-weight & portable

You can use it to surf net, watch videos, view photos, and listen to your favourite music and more. The gadget is worth having and is portable and hence lets you be in touch with the world and current market trends anytime anywhere. It is an ideal gifts for him and is fully functional and its looks are appealing.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nite Glowring Assists You Locate Your Belongings

Glowring is a ring that glows indefinitely day and night for near about 10 years. It has a tough polycarbonate coating on its outside while on the inside there is a laser sealed glass tube of Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS).  The inner surface of the tube is coated with phosphor and the chemical reaction between the phosphor and the tritium causes it to glow constantly without any external resource. The glowring needs neither the batteries nor the sunlight to glow.

Nite Glow Ring


•    No need of batteries or other resource to power
•    Available in variety of colours
•    Easy search of your things

This extremely specialized technology is used in military hardware and safety which where a prominent light source is required in risky conditions. With its help you can easily locate your keys which might be at the bottom of your bag. You can attach this to a light pull, a tamed pet’s collar like a cat or a dog and more.  It enables you to see your GlowRing even at a far distance of 30 feet with transparency.

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Nintendo DS Retractable AC/DC Charger for avid gamers who travel frequently

Seems as if it’s an accessory day; as we explore yet another sensational range of gaming accessories; with nintendo ds accessories coming into the act this time around.

Nintendo ds retractable charger

For avid gamers who happen to travel frequently; Nintendo DS Retractable AC/DC Charger is indeed an ideal accessory as it sports a retractable charger that is capable of easily extending up to 6 feet in length.

In addition; this useful retractable AC/DC charger also boasts off a blue light that keeps you immersed in the game for long hours.

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dress up your game peripherals with vibrant skins

Enrobing your favourite games with vibrant skins would be like revitalising it with the best possible outfits. Skins in captivating colours and designs befit the game peripherals and formulate a unique sight on the gaming space. Wii accessories or PS3 accessories of this form are a modish way to dress up your video games.

Novelty gallery game peripheral skins

Novelty gallery game peripheral skins present many forms of designs from soothing to funky ones. Also available in Kiddush designs, the skins refurbish your game with trend setting look. Customizable with your favourite pics, the vinyl skins are flexible yet long lasting. Brought to life with 6 colour amazing graphics combinations embedded with high resolution procedure, the skins are cordial with almost all games. You can relish with PS3, Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo Lite, X-Box and PSP as well.

Novelty gallery game peripheral skins

The price begins from $8.50 for small games and reaches upto $24 for Wii and other large sized game peripherals. What sat guys these would start a trend in your friend circle? If yes? Just rush for these startling skins for games!!

Nintendo biggest Handheld DS Platform called 3DS is on the way

Nintendo has not given any other play station after its DS since 2004. They want to give the strong knock to the world. They have the ideas of launching the leading handheld portable gaming console what they are temporarily calling it “Nintendo handheld 3DS”. It is under the production. Nintendo hasn’t revealed the accurate fine points of it. But it bears out that this palm-sized gaming console will be the biggest handheld gaming portal of the year. It believes in the quality of the software rather than the cool design of hardware. But now it has included the hardware and software both which turns on 3-D effects. It will set aside users to view 3-D images without any necessitate for particular eye glasses. Will it land in to the field of competition against Sony PSP and other popular famous gaming console? Well, it will be very well known in the upcoming fiscal year! We are also hoping that we will get its best Nintendo DS accessories too.

Nintendo handheld 3DS

Its design, if truth be told, gives the excellent impression. It will surely boom the world. We've also heard that the forthcoming hand over gadget would have a "motion feeler" of some sort, so if Nintendo in reality has planned a head-track 3D solution, then perhaps the console is all set to set out. So what’s your wit telling? Are you keen to order it in advance?

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