Monday, March 7, 2011

Stretching alarm clock wakes you up in a healthy way

Getting up in the morning has always being a difficult task for me. I may keep tens of alarm but all in vain they never succeeded in getting me up on time. Rather I would get up and shut them up and again back to sleep. But there is a new gadget ( can be used as christmas gifts ) launched in this field, Streching alarm clock is the first alarm clock which not only wakes you from your sleep but is beneficial to your health too. It’s really good news for me as I hate the music played by those concept alarm clocks and the irritating task they force you do in morning.
Stretching Alarm clock

Be it hitting some target or solving a puzzle they all don’t help me get up from my snooze rather leaves me frustrated in the morning. But this alarm clock is unique and has a healthy way too. This pillow clock is designed by Seung-hee Ryu has alarm inside the pillow with a pair of fabric arms attached to it. All you need do to turn off the alarm is to just pull those arms in stretching position. The only thought that troubles me is that there is no guarantee that I will not go off to sleep after turning off the alarm.

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