Thursday, April 7, 2011

Red and white dashing Sonpre S011 portable iPod speakers

The red and white Sonpre S011 portable iPod speakers are dashing and striking. It’s the finest and outstanding Christmas gift for your loved ones who loves music. These iPod speakers are solely designed for the iPod from Apple still you can play it with any other iPod from the market and it will give you good response. They are casted bit a retro kind, yet look elegant and chic.

Sonpre S011 portable iPod speakers

These speakers are lightweight and weigh only 56 grams and measures 61mm x 50mm x 35mm. You can carry them in your picnics and have fun. It will give you a power output of 1.7W and frequency range of 3.5mm. It suffices a 3.5mm audio port and even a rechargeable battery. So if you want to blow yourself in parties and picnics than get this speaker for just $27.

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Davide De Nizza designs beautiful pink leather iPod Case

Everyone wants the possession of the Designer accessories for their gadgets. This gives a trendy look to their personality. We all are obsessed about our gadget whether it is iPods, iPhones, etc. Earlier we are just concerned about buying designer clothes but now even the manufacturer want to grab the attention by promoting designer goods.

Davide De Nizza iPod cases

Davide De Nizza designs beautiful pink leather iPod Case which has a gorgeous look. In this competitive world there is a wide range of iPod cases are available but Designer Davide De nizza, worked with top Italian designers like Roberto Cavalli, Hermes and the Likes and launches a durable leather case which will ensure safety with a style. Now you can enjoy the company of gorgeous looking iPod case. It is made of 40% python, 40% nubukk and also first grade leather from Italy.

Buy this gorgeous looking iPod case just at a price of 595£.

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Belkin introduces amazingly beautiful cases for iPod Nano 4G

Introducing a new lineup of cases from Belkin for the fourth-generation iPod nano. The most innovative iPod cases for the stunning new iPod nano helps you to look more stylish. Not only they will give a stylish look but the case will protect your iPhone from falls.
Belkin iPod cases

Belkin rolls out new cases for iPod nano- 4g released them in two amazing series - Belkin Micra and Fuse cases.

The Micra cases are introduced with textured graphics with a sparkling finish. This further includes a variety Micra Glam, Micra Dusk, Micra Chex, and Micra Flow. Some are embedded with glass beads inside the case; dusk will offer a smoky charcoal tint, while chex has a white checkerboard pattern. All the smart cases sell for $19.99 each.

Another beautiful fusion case has a marvelous appearance and has bold colors which will definitely increase your style statement. These are designed using different color schemes and patterns and equipped with a black polycarbonate bottom with a colorful, glossy polycarbonate top piece. Costs just $25 and are available in beautiful colors like pink/black, yellow/black, red/black, clear/black, purple/black, and blue/black.

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TuneBug SurfaceSound ultra-portable speakers with 3.5mm audio jack

Listeners always prefer to choose those speakers which prove useful for effective listening purposes as well as carrying convenient design. Interestingly, new and highly fashionable speakers are on your way, get hold of them to enjoy and regularized your life with TuneBug SurfaceSound ultra-portable speakers. These Bluetooth Speakers are much compatible for the fantastic sound quality with well-equipped features. Due its portable nature they can be easily attached any sound device because of its NXT-patented Surface Sound technology.

TuneBug SurfaceSound ultra-portable speakers

TuneBug SurfaceSound ultra-portable speakers are quite well supported with iPod, MP3 or any other music device as is featured with 3.5mm audio jack. Its internal battery is capable of playing 5-hours constant music time and can be charged via USB cable. Apart from all these magnificent qualities its great and elegant design proves suitable for skateboarders, bikers or skiers can enjoy music by connecting them to their helmets and able to experience new way listening to music.

Introduce innovatively designed speakers which effortlessly work with any portables or computers or music players.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Parrot AR.Drone controlled by iPhone or iPod

At times after seeing the advanced gadgets we think it to be most innovative, but we are wrong as there is no end of technology. Every time we are just amaze to watch such magnificent techniques. This time Parrot, branded company has unveiled a wondrous RC toy named as Parrot AR.Drone controlled by iPhone or iPod. A wide range of iPod accessories is already makes us more stylish and trendy but this new gadget will bring extreme fun in life.

Parrot AR.Drone iPhone, iPod controller

Parrot AR.Drone controlled by iPhone or iPod helicopter connects through Wi-Fi connection. It has built-in accelerometers for its perfect movement of the device. It is well-supported with two board cameras, one is used for seeing and another is for tracking the helicopter speed and helping to have a smooth flight as well. In addition to all these features, it assures a marvelous experience in terms of entertainment.

Be ready to introduce a new form of fun and excitement very soon.

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Cool-designed Sharp DK-AP8 iPod Dock

In this fast growing competition it is not essential that all ideas or gadgets gain equal popularity. But we can surely state that iPod is one such product which easily approaches everyone’s mind with its innovative and well-designed features. If you look at Sharp's new iPod dock you will undoubtedly recognize its importance. The cool iPod dock is named as ‘twenty-ten’ or ‘Sharp DK-AP8 iPod Dock’ with upgraded playback features with a sleek system designed in black.
Sharp DK-AP8 iPod Dock

Sharp DK-AP8 iPod Dock has highly integrated with 2.1 speaker system joined with built-in Sub-woofer with an efficient HDSS technology. It also has a video out connecting support and a Sound Retrieval System WOW. Sharp iPod Dock comes with a high-quality sound bar called as HT-SB400 has 3.1sound system with a subwoofer, equipped with 32W RMS of sound power and the detachable remote controls as well. It has a couple of front speakers, dual center speakers and two subwoofers also.

With all such amazing features Sharp DK-AP8 iPod Dock will cost you just £100 and
HT-SB400 will costs around £180 only.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

1. OZAKI adds color to music with iMini Cute, Rainbow and Timber iPod dock Speakers

iMini Rainbow iPod Speaker Dock
The Market is flourished with various iPod docks. But OZAKI introduces a special iPod dock with speaker well known as OZAKI iMini iPod dock speakers in three variants which add colours to your music. One having Timber Cabinet along with piano mirror called iMini Timber, the other with various colours iMini Cute and last but not the least the iMini Rainbow having the bottom decorated with rainbow lights.
iMini Timber ipod speaker Dock

These iMini dock speaker are absolute christmas gifts and it offers a dock for recharging as well as the music playback for all type of ipods. It renders a 3Wx2 output power besides the two 50mm full range speaker. A back lighted LCD display, FM radio and line-in connector all are integrated in it. An alarm clock function is the bonus. 

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Boingo to initiate Wi-Fi service for the grand iPad

Apple iPad has not made its way to the market yet. But the companies have started offering iPad something or the other. Apple iPad is going to release in the market this Saturday. Boingo a renowned named has also opened its account for iPad, it’s going to initiate Wi-Fi service for the grand iPad. This allows you to obtain credits for some 125,000 Boingo hotspots which are situated over worldwide and you will be given internet access whenever you required with this Boingo.
Boingo WiFi credits

This whole process is called as Boingo WiFi credits and here you can invest as less as $1.99 in your accounts. With this you can map any unknown place easily without hassles. With the small amount of $1.99 you can have one hour of access and this work with both iPhone and iPad. You just have to download this app to activate it and if you have the luck in your hands and if you are the 1000th person then you can win an iPad, great! So just try out, who knows you may be the lucky one.

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Friday, April 1, 2011

iANGLE-holds your iPhone and holds your earphone

We all enjoy listening music especially if it is on our iPhone or iPod. It is always fun to put up your earphones and listen to your favourite songs. But what happens to your earphones one you are done with listening to music? Its just tangled in our pocket, isn’t it?


We have been listening to various types of iPhone and iPod stands. What is I tell you that now your iPhone/iPod stand will also hold your earphones? Surprised! Yes its true. iANGLE has launched a beautiful device that is very simple to use and can easily prevents your most required earphones from getting tangled. It has been launched and black and soon it will be available in white and it will be available to you at a surprising cost of $9.99.So it will be a perfect christmas gifts if you are on a budget.

Flaunt your Ed Hardy designer iPad cases

Are you a fan of Ed Hardy designs? If the answer is yes than let me tell you that after giving us blackberry and iPhone cases, decal and laptop, hookahs and mice he is back with iPad cases. This iPad case arrives in a selection of 5 signature designs of Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier. The iPad cases are in a portfolio type style. I know its no surprise to the Ed Hardy fans as it is expected that he will be up with these.

iPad Case

If you are really willing to get hold of any of them then let me tell you that it arrives to you for free as the cost of this wicked iPad case is only $40. So why to wait ? just grab one for a chriatmas gift and flaunt it.

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