Wednesday, April 6, 2011

TuneBug SurfaceSound ultra-portable speakers with 3.5mm audio jack

Listeners always prefer to choose those speakers which prove useful for effective listening purposes as well as carrying convenient design. Interestingly, new and highly fashionable speakers are on your way, get hold of them to enjoy and regularized your life with TuneBug SurfaceSound ultra-portable speakers. These Bluetooth Speakers are much compatible for the fantastic sound quality with well-equipped features. Due its portable nature they can be easily attached any sound device because of its NXT-patented Surface Sound technology.

TuneBug SurfaceSound ultra-portable speakers

TuneBug SurfaceSound ultra-portable speakers are quite well supported with iPod, MP3 or any other music device as is featured with 3.5mm audio jack. Its internal battery is capable of playing 5-hours constant music time and can be charged via USB cable. Apart from all these magnificent qualities its great and elegant design proves suitable for skateboarders, bikers or skiers can enjoy music by connecting them to their helmets and able to experience new way listening to music.

Introduce innovatively designed speakers which effortlessly work with any portables or computers or music players.

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