Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Parrot AR.Drone controlled by iPhone or iPod

At times after seeing the advanced gadgets we think it to be most innovative, but we are wrong as there is no end of technology. Every time we are just amaze to watch such magnificent techniques. This time Parrot, branded company has unveiled a wondrous RC toy named as Parrot AR.Drone controlled by iPhone or iPod. A wide range of iPod accessories is already makes us more stylish and trendy but this new gadget will bring extreme fun in life.

Parrot AR.Drone iPhone, iPod controller

Parrot AR.Drone controlled by iPhone or iPod helicopter connects through Wi-Fi connection. It has built-in accelerometers for its perfect movement of the device. It is well-supported with two board cameras, one is used for seeing and another is for tracking the helicopter speed and helping to have a smooth flight as well. In addition to all these features, it assures a marvelous experience in terms of entertainment.

Be ready to introduce a new form of fun and excitement very soon.

Source : www.varologic.com

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