Monday, April 4, 2011

1. OZAKI adds color to music with iMini Cute, Rainbow and Timber iPod dock Speakers

iMini Rainbow iPod Speaker Dock
The Market is flourished with various iPod docks. But OZAKI introduces a special iPod dock with speaker well known as OZAKI iMini iPod dock speakers in three variants which add colours to your music. One having Timber Cabinet along with piano mirror called iMini Timber, the other with various colours iMini Cute and last but not the least the iMini Rainbow having the bottom decorated with rainbow lights.
iMini Timber ipod speaker Dock

These iMini dock speaker are absolute christmas gifts and it offers a dock for recharging as well as the music playback for all type of ipods. It renders a 3Wx2 output power besides the two 50mm full range speaker. A back lighted LCD display, FM radio and line-in connector all are integrated in it. An alarm clock function is the bonus. 

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