Monday, February 28, 2011

Now play your Nintendo wii games at your comfort with iZel gadget stand

I have many times faced a problem and felt uncomfortable while playing my Nintendo wii games as I am not able to maintain the convenient angle and this really stresses me a lot. But it seems that the gadget designers read our mind so well that no sooner we face a problem, they make it convenient by launching a gadget. Yes you guessed it right I am talking about the iZel gadget stand. iZel has designed a super smart stand that can hold all your gadgets. We can call it an universal gadget stand as it will not only hold your Nintendo DS but also your Smartphone and iPhone.
iZel gadget stand

This little gadget stand is so convenient, it is a great christmas gift and it can be easily adjusted to the angle of viewing that you are convenient with. You get a non slip material for that perfect grip. This stand can hold any gadget portrait as well we landscape view. You can fold it flat for transporting it. You can get this iZel gadget stand for a nominal cost of $24.95.

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Introducing a playstation 3 with plug in keyboard and mouse console

Do you wish that you had a keyboard and a mouse instead of the standard console controller? Rejoice all gamers! cause you don’t need to keep wishing, you can take it for granted! Here’s a playstation 3 that allows you to plug the USB keyboard and mouse directly to its console. Now you can get the PC first person shooting experience and also an edge over your rivals. U can install in it in just a minute. A great christmas gifts product for the gamers.

playstation three

This playstation3  has received rave reviews about its accuracy and speedy response of the commands and is a sensational addon in gaming gadetries. One button combo functions can also be programmed. So it a blessing for all the gamers out there, and they can be blasting out all their enemies, zombies, cannibals and what not!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SmartFrame RDK suffices manifold multimedia applications

From the house of WonderMedia comes this amazing gadget called SmartFrame RDK (Renderer Development Kit) that is a perfect solution of many multimedia queries. This media gadget that resembles a high end digital photo frame sports some of the finest features of Photos, Video, Web browser, Internet radio, Calendar, RSS and aids in many web services. The touch and avail functionality of the widget is amazing to the core. 
WonderMedia SmartFrame

A remote control for easy operation of the applications makes it even convenient. Producing this high performing gadget at an affordable rate, WonderMedia paves way to more such widgets catering exceptional multimedia experience. We await more such gadgetry geniuses in the gadget arena!!

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Transcend 7” PF700 digital photo frame marks simplicity

Sometimes simple things in life offer the best to us. Actualising the same feel Transcend has come up with its latest digital photo frame. Fondly called Transcend 7” PF700 digital photo frame, the image gizmo is very sober in design. With the finest features and extra 16:9 aspect ratio, the digiframe caters sharp picture clarity. Utilising the mechanism of rocking audio video playback this frame can make your images live!

Transcend 7” PF700 digital photo frame

The digital photo frame also displays an electronic calendar that would remind you of your prior commitments and appointments. One can log oodles of image data in it with the aid of memory card that support SD/SDHC/MS/MMC formats. Having the calibre to present itself as a fine MP3 player, video player, electronic calendar and desktop accessory, this digiframe proves ‘many-in-one’ gadget. The controls at the back of the frame are easy to implement and it also brings with it a remote control for far distance access. Well, if you prefer simple design and high tech features then, this frame can be your ultimate choice. Pricing details are yet awaited!!

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AgfaPhoto digital photo frame in white – latest market crush

AgfaPhoto digital photo frame

Sporting a trendy white frame, the AgfaPhoto digital photo frame are the latest crush in the market. In the digiframe coliseum this frame falls under slim frame category and sports seven different models. The digital photo frame measures 1.3 cm in thickness, has 1 GB in-built memory, SD/MS/MMC card slot for memory expansion, compatible with diverse audio video formats and comes in three sizes of 7, 8 and 10 inches. In order to cut down on power consumption, it comes with separate light sensors for day and night. Price ranging between $50 and $130 depending on the size, these frames would give that high tech yet subtle experience.

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Learn cooking with the latest digital cookbook from Belling’s

“The way to man’s heart is through his stomach.” Good food is what all love and live for it. People come close to each other if they break their bread together. This all lines are very true and now you can even apply in your lives with the latest bellings media chef digital cookbook and this could be one of the finest ideas to present your friends with the loveliest Christmas gifts ever. In the new gen this book could prove a boon to you as it’s a wondrous guide for cooking. It has a pleasing design and has loads of cooking ideas and a perfect piece of accessory for your kitchen.

Bellings media chef digital cookbook

This digital cook book has almost 48 different recipes for cooking form the great Chef, Brian Turner. You can follow his ideas and could impress your husbands or your loved ones form your 8 inch of screen. It also suffices a remote control thus you could perform all the functions of pause, play, rewind etc at your ease. And the best part of this book is that you can even use this as an digital photo frame, calendar and mp3 player when its not in use. Well a bit hefty price for this cookbook has to be paid some $271, but it’s affordable to impress your loved ones.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

USB Digital photo frames at $39.99

Digital Photo Frame is the best choice for displaying the pictures which will add much style and trend in your life. After getting the marvelous experience, now you will love to enjoy this one also USB powered digital photo frame. This dynamic improvement will bring a dynamic change in your life.
USB powered digital photo frame

USB Digital photo frames offers 3.5 inches of photo frame with a resolution of 320×240 screen. It will connect with USB port with a fantastic display. Digital pictures can be stored through well equipped SD memory card and avail us with better storage and transfer methods as well. This new concept enables you to play MP3 files with a built-in headphone jack and has a USB cable also. In any case, if you find some trouble in using this gadget an instruction manual will help you out efficiently.
USB powered digital photo frame

Apart from all the above features one brilliant news there for you that you can own this gadget at a discounted rate of $39.99 (previously sold at $49.99).

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Transcend PF830 8-inch LCD digital photo frame

In spite of the numerous gadgets helping us out with its hi-fi techniques at offices now these lustrous gadgets will contribute in home décor also. Here comes a smooth and glossy digital photo frame from Transcend called as Transcend PF830. It will definitely drive you crazy with its magnificent features and workability. Transcend digital photo frame makes your lifestyle more trendy and updated. You can easily display your pictures in supreme designer way just standardized your personal life with unique wide screen of 8-inch magnifying LCD display. The photo has a sleek designed shape, graphically interface, alarm, calendar and clock functionality with flexible handling. Amazing!

Transcend PF830 Digital Photo Frame

Transcend PF830 detailed specifications are:

•    Wide 8 inch LCD display
•    Highly defined 800×600 of resolution
•    Equipped with 4:3 aspect ratio
•    Brilliantly display pictures, music and videos while connecting to memory cards, USB flash drives
•    Supported with 2GB of internal memory
•    Allow you to store upto 9000 of digital pictures
•    Efficiently accepts MMC, SD, microSD, CF, SDHC, MS PRO, MS PRO Duo, MS PRO-HG Duo cards etc
•    Dimensions: 212mm x 172mm x 39mm
•    Weight: 510grms

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Capture your best moments with Sony NEX-3 and NEX-5 DSLR ultra compact camera

Sony has always promised to give quality gadgets that enhance our lives. Sony has given us many gadgets to cherish and make our lifestyle better. Sony has always followed a trend in its every gadget whether be it a mobile phone, digital camera and pmp, you always get a combination of technology with trend. Sony is back with one such combination again and that is the Sony NEX-3 and NEX-5 DSLR ultra compact camera. Both the cameras have a new APS HD CMOS sensor of 14.2 megapixels you can record up to 720p HD video through the NEX3 and 1080i HD video on NEX-5 and yes stills too.

Sony NEX 3 and NEX 5 DSLR Camera

Now let me tell you the best feature of this irresistible camera and a great Christmas gifts article. You can switch your camera’s lenses according to the environment of shooting. Other than that you also get a LA-LEA1 Mount Adaptor that will let you hook up a 30 α-series lenses, now that’s what I call an icing on the cake. You also get a Sweep Panorama option that keep the shutter down and move the cameras in all the direction creating a panorama of 23 megapixels automatically.

Sony NEX 3 and NEX 5 DSLR Camera

The camera has an auto brightness LCD of 3-inch. You can tilt it to get a better angle. You will never get lost in your Sony Reckon due to its straightforward menu system. You can get a quick burst still photography up to 7fps as well support for your SDXC card and Memory Stick. You can get these cameras and click your favourite moments from summer 2010 onwards. 

Nikon D3000 Digital SLR Camera steals the show with its 10.2MP DX format CCD sensor

The people who are seriously involved in the photography know that nothing can beat the experience of shooting with an SLR camera. And Nikon has always gifted us with some really extraordinary SLR camera and the D3000 SLR is no different. It is Sturdy but still the lightweight for a DSLR making it the first SLR buyer’s delight. It has a magnesium alloy body and has the ISO rating ranging from 100 to 1600 which can be further extended up to a maximum of 3200 which enables it to shoot in low lighting conditions. The following features comprise in it:
Nikon D3000

•    10.2MP Nikon DX format CCD Sensor
•    11 point autofocus system giving sharp results
•    Built in Pop Up Flash
•    3 inch color LCD monitor
•    3 frames per second shutter speed
•    6 automatic Exposure Scene modes
•    Lucid Guide Mode giving easy operation and enhanced picture capturing skills
•    The Product Dimensions are: 6.4 x 12.6 x 9.7 cm
•    It weights 486 g

It makes a fine Christmas gifts article with an advanced Image Sensor Cleaning system which empowers the camera with the cleaning the sensor of any dust or the foreign matter. The Monochrome, Filters, Red eye reduction, Trimming, Image overlay and the other effects give them a wide scope for editing or retouching the images. It is friendly with the SD/SDHC cards for storage and sometimes even with the Compact Flash card.  It has an 18-55 mm Zoom Nikon VR image stabilizer Lens. The design is very compact.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

40 MB Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TZ65 has 10.1 Megapixel Resolution

This lovely black Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TZ65 with the 12x Optical Zoom is the piece which appeals greatly to the serious photographers who want a ‘carry everyday’ and ready for any situation. In fact LUMIX DMC-TZ65 is a perfect digital camera for the beginners too who want more scope than just ‘point and shoot’. This sleek and slim designed camera is small enough to be fit any jacket pocket or purse and weights only 206 grams. Despite of its small size it has huge 3 inch LCD colour screen with 230,000 pixels format capturing large scenes. This 10.1 megapixel supports maximum resolution of 3648 x 2736 pixels. It consists of 25 to 300 mm focal length capturing every minute detail in the picture. And have a 1/ 2.5 inches CCD sensor.

Panasonic Lumix DCM TZ65


•    3 inches LCD colour screen
•    10.1 Megapixel Resolution
•    40 MB Memory Capacity
•    12x Optical zoom and 4x Digital zoom
•    8 - 1/2000 sec Shutter Speed
•    Weights 206 grams
•    Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Type
•    Dimensions are Height 6 cm Width 10.3 cm and Depth 3.3 cm
•    CCD Image Sensor

It is an exclusive christmas gifts article. The camers has an internal flash with red eye reduction, forced flash on, auto, slow sync and forced flash off modes. It supports JPEG still image format and QuickTime video format. It has a built in mic for sound input and integrated speaker for sound output. It gives 40 MB storage space and has a Li-ion battery for backup. The lens’ aperture ranges from F3.3 to 4.9 and has auto focus and the camera has a shutter speed range of 8 to 1/2000 sec. It also has picture stabilization, PictBridge and self timer along with connectors including video out, audio out, HDMI output and USB. So there are no reasons left for not picking up this versatile Panasonic LUMIX DMC-TZ65!!

Iron your clothes with the latest U button iron

Iron your clothes with the latest U button iron, well this iron is still in concept but soon it will turn to reality. As we all know it’s damn difficult to iron the clothes which have buttons and you cannot easily iron the part nearer to the buttons. For this issue the U button iron is made. It’s a cool gadget, the name U is given as it has a U shape in front to glide near the buttons.

U button iron

You can wear a fully ironed shirt and can look smarter; a well iron shirt elevates your personality. This iron has a push button and on pressing it the A shape of the iron goes in to the button part and press it properly, by pressing the push button again the A part will come out, an you will be ready with a complete iron shirt. Its easy to use this iron and it suffices 2 sharp standings, and with this you can make the iron stand while pressing your clothes. Reality bites, if concepts are so lovely and innovative, I hope it soon turns to reality.

U button iron


Friday, February 4, 2011

Missing those urgent calls is no more a problem with Aria’s band

Don’t you just feel so angry when you miss that important phone call? Simply because you have forgotten to transform it from silent to general mode?  Even if the mobile is on vibrator mode, it just isn’t as powerful. Talking of cool gadgets, Aria concept is just the coolest gadget ever.

Aira Concept

This little band shaped gadget will interact with your skin receptors with various patterns of touch, where half a dozen audible events in the home will communicate to the user of the band via various pressing patterns. This cool gadget can be found in varieties of colours. No more getting tensed about the calls that you missed. This gadget is the perfect solution to your problem. This band is like the most amazing reminder plus helpful alarms you about the calls coming during the period in which the mobile is in silent or vibrator mode. It is perfect for the professionals, college going people, housewives, old people. You could not ask for anything better then this. Stay connected with Aria’s bands!

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Top 5 futuristic gadgets you will instantly fall in love with

Luis Mumford an American philosopher has rightly said that ‘’however far modern science and techniques have fallen short of their inherent possibilities, they have taught mankind at least one lesson: Nothing is impossible.” These top 5 futuristic christmas gifts say it all.

1 Nokia 888 social phone concept

Mobile phones help you connect to the world from where ever and whenever you like. But sometimes carrying them around is a hassle. But this futuristic concept by nokia will allow you to put it on your wrist and forget about it until you want to use it. It will take form according to your whims and fancies and keep you updated about important dates and events.
nokia flexi mobile

2 Use and throw mobile phones.

The idea of a use and throw phone itself sounds futuristic, leave alone the design. It is designed to be thrown away so made up of paper. Just dial once and that’s it.

use n throw mobile

3 Pencil printer

Ever imagined erasing a print and rewriting, just the way we do while writing with pencil?? It’s an exciting concept, no laser no ink. A pencil and an eraser cartridge and you are sorted. Hoyoung lee the designer of this pencil printer concept has designed it such that once you don’t need the paper you can recycle it. And no worrying about cartridge refilling, just get a new pencil. AMAZING!!

pencil printer

4 Roll top notebook

For all those tired with the bulky bags of laptop notebook, here is a great concept design. Imagine finishing work and just rolling the laptop like it was a water bottle and carrying it along. It has a belt to hang it on your shoulder and carry it along. It has been designed such that it can be folded into a 13” tablet from a bigger 17“one.

folding laptop

5 Folding ultra slim arc mouse design

Taking a leaf from the small is wonderful concept Microsoft has a mouse design. An arc shaped mouse which can be folded so that it can fit in the smallest corner of your bag, and you can take it along wherever you want.

folding mic mouse

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 Amazing Futuristic Laptop Design Concepts

Are you the one who’s fascinated by hi tech gadgets and newer inventions which look sleek and work great? I found some futuristic laptop designs and immediately got captivated by the look of those. Hope you enjoy and feel good watching these futuristic gadgets and amazing concepts for laptop designs.

1. Canova Dual Screen Laptop:
canova dual screen laptop

The Canova dual screen opens like a notebook and probably has touch screen feature. Has to have it’s a futuristic gadget after all. There so key board feature though.

2. Vaio Zoom:

vaio zoom

The Vaio zoom laptop is ultra thin with a transparent flap converting to a screen. It looks cool and fascinating.

3. Samsung-Amoled:

samsung amoled

The Samsung amoled laptop seems to be very flashy and shiny. Though it seems more glamorous than hi tech.

4. Mactab:


Oh so captivating and charming Mactab. It has a detached key board. Looks like it’s completely wireless and has an attractive stand for the screen.

5. Macbook 0801:


The Macbook has a plain keyboard, no bulging buttons. It’s sleek and crafted to perfection. Apple’s always amazing.

6.  Descom:


This doesn’t seem like it can be carried anywhere, but definitely a positive for the good looks. The drives keyboard everything encompassed into the desk. With only the screen standing proudly on the top.

7. Compenion Laptop Concept:


Wow! That’s what you feel to look at this amazing piece of a gadget. Ultra slim and ”slims in” so full points to the design. Can even be laid flat so i think it will be better than the standing screen to operate.

8. Canvas Laptop Concept:


The canvas laptop is one to drool over. It’s surely sleek and slim.

9. Traveller Concept Laptop:


The traveller laptop is small compact with a lot of features. And can be carried along easily while you travel. There’s a map on the cover, hope it’s not just a print but a live map of the place you visit with touch screen and all.

10. LG Ecological Laptop Concept:

eco laptop

The LG ecological laptop , as the name suggest it has something to do with saving energy or working on solar energy, a green gadget concept. Well look great to handle and carry. Compact and hi-tech.

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Apple Rumoured to Introduce iPhone5

Apple has been known to compete with itself and introduce better and better products. When nobody can beat the gadgets neither in terms of sale nor design, apple goes ahead and surpasses itself by being all the more inventive and innovating and overcoming the setbacks of the previous gadget. The iPhone4 faced an initial flack due to the reception problem which the company acknowledged and provided free iPhone4 cases that helped get rid of the same, and in case anyone had already bought the bumper case they were offered refunds.


The latest gadget news is that it Apple rumoured to be in the process of testing the iPhone 5 which will overcome the signal problems in the iPhone4. It is said to include the NFC technology and is most likely to provide facility of making payments from the phone, so it will function as a Smartphone with a credit card combined. Apple hired Benjamin Vigier a very famous and known expert from the industry for developing its payment mobiles technology on the lines of the Japanese phones from which one can make subway payments and book tickets.  It is going on under serious, development and testing procedures and its release is being anticipated early next year.

It seems it will offer a great never like before innovative gadgets, and sure all the fans and geeks are eagerly looking forward to have a look and maybe get the gadget as soon as it hits the market.

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The wait for the Colourful Optimus Popularis keyboard ends the next year

Do you remember the Optimus Popularis keyboard which was announced two years back? The good news is that the manufacturing of this cool gadget and christmas gifts is going to start this year and would be launched in some where 2011. Hence a little more time to wait to lay your hands on the Popularis keyboard. But is not the wait worth enough, when you get a masterpiece in your hands?

Optimus Popularis Keyboard

This classic piece will have a colourful keyboard which gives it a trendy look. This time the keys will not be OLED-based. But may be in few years we will get lucky by having this feature added too.  This invention will definitely impress the corporates. The design is so easy accessible. When it was announced initially the retail price was $1,000. But as the market is struck by the recession and the current inflation rate we expected the retail to go high to $1,010.

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The hot dog style USB flash drive will not keep you hungry at work

USB flash drive is no more just a computer accessory it is a great christmas gifts for the foodies like me. Today even they need to be trendy and in style. You get these flash drives in designs, which you might have not even thought of before. Now days the flash drives are fresh, baked and delicious. Surprised? Yes, you read it correct, delicious. You can now order your USB flash drives in your favourite taste. Yes if you like to eat subs, breads or hot dogs you can order them. Even your computer will enjoy this special appetite. Let me tell you that you can save all your logs and files with these USB hot dogs.

hot dog flash drives

You can get a flash drive the way you like. If you like it with mustard only then we can give you a wiener size that has a capacity of 1-2GB. You can also get mustard and ketchup and the capacity will be up to 8GB. The mustard only has the USB plug at the end but if you order the mustard with ketchup you need to break it in half to get the USB plug. Therefore, you can plug in one section in your computer and keep the other for munching. This is a great option for people like me who are always hungry when they work.