Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Apple Rumoured to Introduce iPhone5

Apple has been known to compete with itself and introduce better and better products. When nobody can beat the gadgets neither in terms of sale nor design, apple goes ahead and surpasses itself by being all the more inventive and innovating and overcoming the setbacks of the previous gadget. The iPhone4 faced an initial flack due to the reception problem which the company acknowledged and provided free iPhone4 cases that helped get rid of the same, and in case anyone had already bought the bumper case they were offered refunds.


The latest gadget news is that it Apple rumoured to be in the process of testing the iPhone 5 which will overcome the signal problems in the iPhone4. It is said to include the NFC technology and is most likely to provide facility of making payments from the phone, so it will function as a Smartphone with a credit card combined. Apple hired Benjamin Vigier a very famous and known expert from the industry for developing its payment mobiles technology on the lines of the Japanese phones from which one can make subway payments and book tickets.  It is going on under serious, development and testing procedures and its release is being anticipated early next year.

It seems it will offer a great never like before innovative gadgets, and sure all the fans and geeks are eagerly looking forward to have a look and maybe get the gadget as soon as it hits the market.

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