Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The wait for the Colourful Optimus Popularis keyboard ends the next year

Do you remember the Optimus Popularis keyboard which was announced two years back? The good news is that the manufacturing of this cool gadget and christmas gifts is going to start this year and would be launched in some where 2011. Hence a little more time to wait to lay your hands on the Popularis keyboard. But is not the wait worth enough, when you get a masterpiece in your hands?

Optimus Popularis Keyboard

This classic piece will have a colourful keyboard which gives it a trendy look. This time the keys will not be OLED-based. But may be in few years we will get lucky by having this feature added too.  This invention will definitely impress the corporates. The design is so easy accessible. When it was announced initially the retail price was $1,000. But as the market is struck by the recession and the current inflation rate we expected the retail to go high to $1,010.

Source : www.varologic.com

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