Friday, February 4, 2011

Top 5 futuristic gadgets you will instantly fall in love with

Luis Mumford an American philosopher has rightly said that ‘’however far modern science and techniques have fallen short of their inherent possibilities, they have taught mankind at least one lesson: Nothing is impossible.” These top 5 futuristic christmas gifts say it all.

1 Nokia 888 social phone concept

Mobile phones help you connect to the world from where ever and whenever you like. But sometimes carrying them around is a hassle. But this futuristic concept by nokia will allow you to put it on your wrist and forget about it until you want to use it. It will take form according to your whims and fancies and keep you updated about important dates and events.
nokia flexi mobile

2 Use and throw mobile phones.

The idea of a use and throw phone itself sounds futuristic, leave alone the design. It is designed to be thrown away so made up of paper. Just dial once and that’s it.

use n throw mobile

3 Pencil printer

Ever imagined erasing a print and rewriting, just the way we do while writing with pencil?? It’s an exciting concept, no laser no ink. A pencil and an eraser cartridge and you are sorted. Hoyoung lee the designer of this pencil printer concept has designed it such that once you don’t need the paper you can recycle it. And no worrying about cartridge refilling, just get a new pencil. AMAZING!!

pencil printer

4 Roll top notebook

For all those tired with the bulky bags of laptop notebook, here is a great concept design. Imagine finishing work and just rolling the laptop like it was a water bottle and carrying it along. It has a belt to hang it on your shoulder and carry it along. It has been designed such that it can be folded into a 13” tablet from a bigger 17“one.

folding laptop

5 Folding ultra slim arc mouse design

Taking a leaf from the small is wonderful concept Microsoft has a mouse design. An arc shaped mouse which can be folded so that it can fit in the smallest corner of your bag, and you can take it along wherever you want.

folding mic mouse

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