Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 Amazing Futuristic Laptop Design Concepts

Are you the one who’s fascinated by hi tech gadgets and newer inventions which look sleek and work great? I found some futuristic laptop designs and immediately got captivated by the look of those. Hope you enjoy and feel good watching these futuristic gadgets and amazing concepts for laptop designs.

1. Canova Dual Screen Laptop:
canova dual screen laptop

The Canova dual screen opens like a notebook and probably has touch screen feature. Has to have it’s a futuristic gadget after all. There so key board feature though.

2. Vaio Zoom:

vaio zoom

The Vaio zoom laptop is ultra thin with a transparent flap converting to a screen. It looks cool and fascinating.

3. Samsung-Amoled:

samsung amoled

The Samsung amoled laptop seems to be very flashy and shiny. Though it seems more glamorous than hi tech.

4. Mactab:


Oh so captivating and charming Mactab. It has a detached key board. Looks like it’s completely wireless and has an attractive stand for the screen.

5. Macbook 0801:


The Macbook has a plain keyboard, no bulging buttons. It’s sleek and crafted to perfection. Apple’s always amazing.

6.  Descom:


This doesn’t seem like it can be carried anywhere, but definitely a positive for the good looks. The drives keyboard everything encompassed into the desk. With only the screen standing proudly on the top.

7. Compenion Laptop Concept:


Wow! That’s what you feel to look at this amazing piece of a gadget. Ultra slim and ”slims in” so full points to the design. Can even be laid flat so i think it will be better than the standing screen to operate.

8. Canvas Laptop Concept:


The canvas laptop is one to drool over. It’s surely sleek and slim.

9. Traveller Concept Laptop:


The traveller laptop is small compact with a lot of features. And can be carried along easily while you travel. There’s a map on the cover, hope it’s not just a print but a live map of the place you visit with touch screen and all.

10. LG Ecological Laptop Concept:

eco laptop

The LG ecological laptop , as the name suggest it has something to do with saving energy or working on solar energy, a green gadget concept. Well look great to handle and carry. Compact and hi-tech.

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