Friday, February 4, 2011

Missing those urgent calls is no more a problem with Aria’s band

Don’t you just feel so angry when you miss that important phone call? Simply because you have forgotten to transform it from silent to general mode?  Even if the mobile is on vibrator mode, it just isn’t as powerful. Talking of cool gadgets, Aria concept is just the coolest gadget ever.

Aira Concept

This little band shaped gadget will interact with your skin receptors with various patterns of touch, where half a dozen audible events in the home will communicate to the user of the band via various pressing patterns. This cool gadget can be found in varieties of colours. No more getting tensed about the calls that you missed. This gadget is the perfect solution to your problem. This band is like the most amazing reminder plus helpful alarms you about the calls coming during the period in which the mobile is in silent or vibrator mode. It is perfect for the professionals, college going people, housewives, old people. You could not ask for anything better then this. Stay connected with Aria’s bands!

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