Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Which is the best choice for you, wii or Ps3 console games?

Most of the time I have read one common question about choosing console game between Wii and ps3. And I have given one answer of this question is there is no comparison between wii and ps3 because both are completely different with each other. Both console games take the gaming entertainment beyond the limit of the simple game, and for me the best console is that which match to your lifestyle.

The factors which can help gamer to decide which console system is best for them, I have divided those factors into six categories.

1)Casual gamer or hardcore gamer
2)Form of games
3)Quality of Graphics
4)Online features
5)Entertainment system, and the most important

Casual Gamer or Hardcore Gamer

Nintendo wii made more every type of gamer no matter gamer has played before any video games or not. I personally advice to play Wii games with the friends or groups, This will entertain you with fun. Nintendo gaming accessories like the wii remote and wii nunchuck give you a feeling that you are in a game.

On the other hand, Ps3 games made for those who want high action with unparallel definition graphics. Ps3 games full of entertainment for those who are more experienced gamers.

Form of games

Easy to play with more fun make Nintendo wii more popular in gaming sector. Its accessories make you a part of every game.

Ps3 games build to give the gamer higher entertainment with the awesome graphics. This console system makes any one crazy about gaming. The stronger graphics and processing ability of the PS3 games make it different from the other console system. I prefer to play a action games in ps3 console system.

Quality of Graphics

Nintendo Wii doesn’t have High Definition (HD) capability although its graphics are really very good but not like the ps3 games, The PS3 has full HD capabilities which give you a full satisfaction of truly graphic action games.

Online features

The wii shop offers numbers of wii games and software with easy and secure payment system; you can download favourite game from the different channel at wii shop. You can find a good wii gamer at Miis friends message boards and sharing photos, social networking site for the wii gamer you can get a full tutorial of miils social networking at: miicharacters.com

PS3 also has online store where you can download contents and game demos. At this time ps3 focused on playing games online against other people, after all this will give the gamer real entertainment of ps3.

Entertainment system

Both console games are great for their users. If you are not familiar with the video game you can use wii console, It will give you a complete satisfaction. On the other hand those who are grazy about graphic games. I recommend them ps3. For me PS3 is more entertaining system than the Wii.


Wii console is very cheaper than the ps3 games. Wii games are available at $250 in the US and £179 in the UK but you will not find a expensive entertainment and graphics hardware as PS3 has,the PS3 costs $399 in the US and £279 in the UK.

For more information about wii games and ps3 games you can find in their official sites or related article as well on net.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Addition in Street Fighter IV – Championship Mode Patch

Street Fighter IV has been one of the most famous video games. Came in existence in the year 2008, it made a mark in the gaming coliseum. Ranking high on the popularity charts, it is a hot favorite amongst the Japanese and North American gamers. Considered as one of the finest LAN games, it surely dominates the gaming market.

Successor of the popular Street Fighter II which consisted of the most popular warriors of the world, this one presents you with a whole lot of new characters. Street fighter iv, with all the characters being so popular, is one game anyone can relate to. Its demand is ever increasing because of the reality it exhibits.

One of the toughest competitor in the gaming market, it can give a run for money to any other game. It has been in the top rankers in Xbox 360 and PS3 games category. PC version of the game is going to be announced by Capcom on 1st May. An add-on in it will be the “Championship Mode Patch”. It would be a free download or all you owners of the game. Through it, you would be able to take part in tournaments. The tournaments would be of five levels.

Winning each tournament will add Grade Points in your kitty. A considerable amount of GPs will then allow you to enter the further tougher and higher levels of tournaments. You are awarded with Championship points on winning these tournaments. A real thrill, this definitely would be one of the most awaited news in the gaming arena.

Once it is out, this game has full potential to envelope a considerable amount of gaming market. Let’s hope just like all its other releases, this add-on would also be a bang.

Undisputed and remarkable gadgets ever

Past two decades technology industry make a huge development in gadgets, every day we find new gadgets which make our life more comfortable and easy. Just like mobile phone, now we can extend the memory of mobile phones with the help of memory cards. Every industry gets positive effect of gadgets, gaming sector not different from it. With the help of gadgets console games become more challenging at the same time very interesting. I have covered Five most effective and useful gadgets which take technology beyond the limit.

1. Motorola DC800 Bluetooth Stereo Transceiver - Here is the most terrific portable Motorola HT820 that allows you to stream music from the stereo and Bluetooth wireless-enabled mobile phones. Group music can be enjoyed through the stereo speakers with the amazing built-in Bluetooth Class 1 Gateway wireless technology with a range up to 300 feet (100 metres).

2. Guitar Hero World Tour - Band Bundle + FREE Bass Guitar Controller for Nintendo Wii - Go insane this Christmas with the impeccable Guitar Hero World Tour - the fully fledged band claimed as the most authentic videogame drum kit ever that comes with a wealth of amazing modes. This gadgets include an all-new eight-player online Battle of the Bands, an in-depth branching single player career and a massive Music Studio tool letting you create tracks from scratch to share online!

3. Power Traveller World USB Travel Adaptor – This is incredible power traveller USB adaptor as it can juice up your gadget in over 150 countries worldwide. All you need to do is just plug in a USB Cable into the Power Traveller. The compact size makes your work easier than ever!

4. Griffin Laptop Elevator for Apple MacBook / PC Laptops - This brilliant Griffin Laptop elevator meets to health and safety standards, making your laptop safer and more comfortable to use all day long along with excellent ergonomics, positioning the top of your screen level with your eyes.

5. Sandisk 16GB micro SD HC Memory Card - What more do you want as a memory space in your gadget than the new SanDisk 16GB microSD HC card. Ideal for all the picture taking enthusiasts around the world as they get tremendous freedom to take and capture more pictures, videos and other applications.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Would Wii remotes survive the ps3 games competition?

Nintendo being the leader in Game market is certainly going to get tough competition. Sony and In2Games are in the process of developing new remote controls for the PS3 games.

Wii remote is undoubtedly considered the finest in terms of technology, speed and comfort of game playing. And also Nintendo is always topping the rank charts. So it is quite natural for other gaming manufacturers to try to modify their products to live up to the standards and survive this competition.

In2Games remote controls are advertised to be the most advanced motion sensing controller yet produced. It would be combination of ultrasonic and RF technology in order to detect exact position in 3D space. For many games like bowling, tennis, golf this kind of remote can be a boon and a sure shot device.

Regarding Sony’s idea of producing a remote to outdraw Wii remotes, it is rumored that it has already finished it. Sony has of course taken the tough task of designing a superior remote control which would be full grown remote for ps3 games unlike its earlier release Sixaxis which had finite remote sensing prowess.

Definitely the war of the companies is going tougher with every passing day. All that adds to the benefit is that the consumer would surely get the best product, the one which would survive all this competition. So all of us gamers can keep our fingers crossed for the latest product in the market. The gamers have something great to look forward to.

As if now Nintendo is the world leader and has also claimed the rank in last years console game company competition. We would also witness its strategies to survive or rather win this competition. Well the heat is certainly becoming stronger on the Games market!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mobile Broadband is ideal for executives with frequent travels

As the name is self explanatory, a broadband internet service which is portable or movable is termed as mobile broadband. The broader frequency band used for this service offers higher speed. One can get high speed connectivity of internet service with the help of dongle or USB. These devices can be plugged in the PCs and laptops. On insertion it enables connectivity to internet by capturing the frequency network.

Best suited to executives with frequent travels, this technology can be of great help. Indoors also one can use wireless mobile broadband service. The basic advantage apart from its location independent use is ease of access and high speed of internet.

Now consider the aspect of cost which one needs to pay for this service. Apart from the cost of the USB one needs to get registered for some scheme or plan for broadband with any Internet Service Provider. Many packages are available these days from small plan of use to a yearly scheme. As per the use and cost effectiveness, one can select the broadband plan. The cost of the service depends on many factors viz. usage, speed, plan opted etc.

Flip side of this technology is that one spends more than what one thinks he does. Apart from the cost of the dongle, the registration charge of the ISP is always there. Companies have to be paid with the installation charges. Also certain plans which seem cost effective might not give unaltered service to the user.

Summarizing, mobile broadband is a good option if used wisely as per the needs and convenience also taking into account the total cost of the service.

source: ipod-charger.vox.com

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Asus AIR3 – combo of internet radio, ipod speakers, weather forecast

Asus AIR3 as the name suggests is a multitasking gadget. It unifies an ipod speaker and
internet radio.

It incorporates the features of HDSS (High Definition Sound Standard) certified speakers, and ETL (Embedded Transmission Line) ensures sound clarity. It is compatible with all ipods except ipod shuffle. You can charge ipod along with playing audio files. You can also see images and videos on TVs and monitors connected to the AIR3.

MP3 can also be connected to AIR3 via the Aux-in jack.
Weather forecasting is again a unique feature of this gadget.

Weighing around 3.5 Kgs this combo piece is a sure shot keep.

Colourful Aerial7 Graffiti Headphones

Colourful personality – is this the way people define you? Or if you are the one who is tired of boring black and basic colour headsets then a breeze of change is coming your way. Then take a look at
Aerial7 Graffiti headphone which is a new sight in the headphones arena. The distinct feature is the colour combination of the headset.

Vibrant, trendy headset is coming your way to exuberate your peppy self. This high energy looking gadget is a gung ho for all you teens and youth. It can represent your radiating self and project your dynamism.

So, let the vivacious you explore this unique whatsis.

Friday, April 10, 2009

IDOU - Sony Ericsson’s latest Phone

Sony Ericsson phones can be even more glamorous with silver finish on it. In Mobile World Congress, Sony Ericsson announced that it is about to present its customers with an amazingly fascinating and fashionable gadget in the form of IDOU.

The smart phone can prove to be a versatile gadget with diverse features accommodated in it. The phone’s features include a 12.1 Mega pixel camera, a 3.5” display for photos and videos. With the help of DLNA the IDOU can be connected to other devices in a wired or non wired network and to many set top boxes or network attached storages. IDOU is powered by Symbian Foundation+. Features of a walkman can also be traced in this new phone from Sony Ericsson.

Like other smart phones it boasts of a classic design, great picture clarity, and amazing touch screen swiftness. Gaming is also an inseparable part of this phone.

Looking forward to the wonder!!

World’s costliest Vacuum cleaner

How much would you pay for the vacuum cleaner? Well if you are a person with collection of costly gadgets, this one is for you.

Vacuum cleaner embellished with 3730 crystals owns the crown of World’s most expensive vacuum cleaner as rated by the Guinness Book of World Records. It is designed by Lukas Jemiol – designer from Poland. An Electrolux product, it can be yours for $20,000.

Worth keeping in collection of your costly gadgets as this one is straight out of the product.

PAMSH PS-700 - bone conduction headset

A light weight, compact bone conduction Bluetooth headset is offered to you by PAMSH. The PAMSH PS-700 can be the best deal for a convenient, low charge ear head set. With 1:10 ratio of charge and work it shows great efficiency.

This Bluetooth headset weighs around 50 grams. Also consists of adaptable neckband-speaker for a perfect fit irrespective of the individual neck size. Very compact, foldable design of PS-700 makes it portable and gives room for the user’s convenience.

Voice clarity and volume control are up to the mark for an unaltered conversation. Considering all these benefits, it a must buy for those of you who are looking out the solution for cumbersome and painful head sets.

Unaltered conversations while driving - Bluetooth hands free

Undisturbed driving while still answering your important phone calls is what you are looking for? The Sony Ericsson Bluetooth hands free can be the best solution. Now while driving you can answer your calls with your mobile phones still in your pocket. An unaltered conversation while your hands are busy is possible with easy to use touch screens.

Volume clarity and receptiveness is also the endearing quality of the Bluetooth hands free. Designed keeping the comfort of the user in mind, it can be well fit for users with glasses.

Convenient technology at an affordable cost can be accomplished by this Bluetooth hands free device.

Chinavasion’s latest ipod-dock

Do you want freedom from the wires of the ipod and still listen to your favourite tunes, your alarm playing your favourite tune at the dawn giving you a headstart for the day, recharge your ipod without PC and more... YES?

Well Chinavasion’s latest ipod dock offers you all this.

Ipod-dock from Chinavasion also wraps up the features of stereo FM tuner, and for a spectacular display it boasts of a larger and brighter display which can be sharpened till five levels. Plugged in with a 109 cm long FM antenna Ipod-dock also has stereo aux-in cable to connect your ipod to non-ipod MP3 players.

So what are you gazing at? Thinking of buying this dream ipod-dock? Well your dream ipod-dock costs you a meager $32.01. So get the best ipod-dock at the best price!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Mobile Broadband 3 is the future of mobile technology

The future of technology is unpredictable, not for its slackness or something like that but because of its ever transforming nature for the betterment of the society around us! What it considered to be a novel concept turns out to be a mundane in no matter of time! Mobile Broadband is fast catching the rage everywhere as it delivers you freedom from all the wires; hotspots and all other entanglement inconveniences.

Mobile Broadband came into the effect on 11th of December 2002, as it got an affirmative nod from the IEEE Standards Board for the IEEE 802.20, the Mobile Broadband Wireless Access (MBWA) Working Group. Besides offering super fast access to the Internet and your email requirements; Mobile broadband can be used for other wireless high-speed internet access through a portable modem, telephone or other device. Various network standards may be used, such as GPRS, 3G, WiMAX, LTE UMTS HSPA, EV-DO and other portable satellite-based systems.

All devices nowadays such as PC data cards, USB modems, USB sticks, phones with data modems and portable devices (notebooks) come with built-in support for Mobile Broadband.

3 Plug n Play Mobile Broadband Modem - Pay as you go is a perfect Mobile Broadband 3 example as it sports this handy dongle that comes laden with a useful microSD memory card slot, capable of doubling up as a memory stick.

The future of mobile technology is surely going to be Mobile Broadband 3 as technology experts leaving no stone unturned in spreading broadband coverage to the more remote areas of the world.