Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Which is the best choice for you, wii or Ps3 console games?

Most of the time I have read one common question about choosing console game between Wii and ps3. And I have given one answer of this question is there is no comparison between wii and ps3 because both are completely different with each other. Both console games take the gaming entertainment beyond the limit of the simple game, and for me the best console is that which match to your lifestyle.

The factors which can help gamer to decide which console system is best for them, I have divided those factors into six categories.

1)Casual gamer or hardcore gamer
2)Form of games
3)Quality of Graphics
4)Online features
5)Entertainment system, and the most important

Casual Gamer or Hardcore Gamer

Nintendo wii made more every type of gamer no matter gamer has played before any video games or not. I personally advice to play Wii games with the friends or groups, This will entertain you with fun. Nintendo gaming accessories like the wii remote and wii nunchuck give you a feeling that you are in a game.

On the other hand, Ps3 games made for those who want high action with unparallel definition graphics. Ps3 games full of entertainment for those who are more experienced gamers.

Form of games

Easy to play with more fun make Nintendo wii more popular in gaming sector. Its accessories make you a part of every game.

Ps3 games build to give the gamer higher entertainment with the awesome graphics. This console system makes any one crazy about gaming. The stronger graphics and processing ability of the PS3 games make it different from the other console system. I prefer to play a action games in ps3 console system.

Quality of Graphics

Nintendo Wii doesn’t have High Definition (HD) capability although its graphics are really very good but not like the ps3 games, The PS3 has full HD capabilities which give you a full satisfaction of truly graphic action games.

Online features

The wii shop offers numbers of wii games and software with easy and secure payment system; you can download favourite game from the different channel at wii shop. You can find a good wii gamer at Miis friends message boards and sharing photos, social networking site for the wii gamer you can get a full tutorial of miils social networking at: miicharacters.com

PS3 also has online store where you can download contents and game demos. At this time ps3 focused on playing games online against other people, after all this will give the gamer real entertainment of ps3.

Entertainment system

Both console games are great for their users. If you are not familiar with the video game you can use wii console, It will give you a complete satisfaction. On the other hand those who are grazy about graphic games. I recommend them ps3. For me PS3 is more entertaining system than the Wii.


Wii console is very cheaper than the ps3 games. Wii games are available at $250 in the US and £179 in the UK but you will not find a expensive entertainment and graphics hardware as PS3 has,the PS3 costs $399 in the US and £279 in the UK.

For more information about wii games and ps3 games you can find in their official sites or related article as well on net.

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