Thursday, May 7, 2009

Primitives of Mobile Broadband

This global techno savvy world is making the world smaller by bringing everything to your doorstep or rather desktop. Internet and World Wide Web caters you information of anything and everything you need. Only urgency for this is your connection with the Internet. But when you are away from your wired connection, or while you are on the go, accessibility of Internet comes in question?

This is when a mobile broadband comes into picture. It’s a mechanism of high speed internet access with the aid of several portable devices including modem, telephone, USB etc. It operates on network standards like GPRS, 3G, WiMAX etc. PC cards, USB modems, USB sticks are some of the devices which caters the portable connection to the net. Laptops with in-built broadband module are made available by the leading brands.

The data transfer rates of broadband are higher than the dial-up connection. United States FCC authority has declared that any transfer rate above 768 Kbit/s would be termed under broadband speed. The prime advantage of a mobile broadband is that anywhere you can be benefited from this portable technology. It broadens your horizons by making internet access ubiquitous.

This has many advantages like the entrepreneurs working from home can convert any of the room into an office and while in the bus, or train or flight one can still plug in the broadband device in the notebook and get hooked to the internet. One can make important communications, presentations and conferences without any limitations of reaching to the internet providing connection.

The few limitations of this high speed internet connection through device are security concern, degradation of speed due to feeble network signals, distance from the router. For security concerns use a highly encrypted mechanism so that no one can access your internet service. If the network signals are weak then internet speed degrades and over all performance gets affected. Also if the place of usage is in line with router it ensures flawless supply of Internet signals.

Although there are certain limitations but the spectrum of benefits completely envelops the limiting part so mobile broadband is always an option one should select.

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