Monday, May 25, 2009

Wii Remotes changing the way of playing games

Video game playing is brought to a revolution by Wii Remote popularly known as Wii-mote. The speciality of this remote is that it makes use of motion sensing technology which gives a thrilling game play experience. Actually this is a very innovative and impressive way of playing games that Nintendo has created. You might be thinking what motion sensing technology is right? Motion sensing technology is the combinations of sensors to the joysticks for moving the objects into the games.

One of the examples is of playing squash with the Nintendo Wii, you can just hold the wii remote in the hand as if you are holding a squash racquet and as you move your hand it will give movement into the game also. You might imagine the thrills of playing the game while reading this article also! There are many remotes available in the market which are very complex that has up to 10 buttons (there is no question! you will surely get confused), but the Wii remote only has two buttons which makes it very simple to use with one hand and with no confusions. The plus point is now there is no buttons for arrow keys for interactive game play and you don’t have to remember so many keys like other remotes door playing games.

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