Thursday, April 23, 2009

Would Wii remotes survive the ps3 games competition?

Nintendo being the leader in Game market is certainly going to get tough competition. Sony and In2Games are in the process of developing new remote controls for the PS3 games.

Wii remote is undoubtedly considered the finest in terms of technology, speed and comfort of game playing. And also Nintendo is always topping the rank charts. So it is quite natural for other gaming manufacturers to try to modify their products to live up to the standards and survive this competition.

In2Games remote controls are advertised to be the most advanced motion sensing controller yet produced. It would be combination of ultrasonic and RF technology in order to detect exact position in 3D space. For many games like bowling, tennis, golf this kind of remote can be a boon and a sure shot device.

Regarding Sony’s idea of producing a remote to outdraw Wii remotes, it is rumored that it has already finished it. Sony has of course taken the tough task of designing a superior remote control which would be full grown remote for ps3 games unlike its earlier release Sixaxis which had finite remote sensing prowess.

Definitely the war of the companies is going tougher with every passing day. All that adds to the benefit is that the consumer would surely get the best product, the one which would survive all this competition. So all of us gamers can keep our fingers crossed for the latest product in the market. The gamers have something great to look forward to.

As if now Nintendo is the world leader and has also claimed the rank in last years console game company competition. We would also witness its strategies to survive or rather win this competition. Well the heat is certainly becoming stronger on the Games market!

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