Friday, April 24, 2009

Undisputed and remarkable gadgets ever

Past two decades technology industry make a huge development in gadgets, every day we find new gadgets which make our life more comfortable and easy. Just like mobile phone, now we can extend the memory of mobile phones with the help of memory cards. Every industry gets positive effect of gadgets, gaming sector not different from it. With the help of gadgets console games become more challenging at the same time very interesting. I have covered Five most effective and useful gadgets which take technology beyond the limit.

1. Motorola DC800 Bluetooth Stereo Transceiver - Here is the most terrific portable Motorola HT820 that allows you to stream music from the stereo and Bluetooth wireless-enabled mobile phones. Group music can be enjoyed through the stereo speakers with the amazing built-in Bluetooth Class 1 Gateway wireless technology with a range up to 300 feet (100 metres).

2. Guitar Hero World Tour - Band Bundle + FREE Bass Guitar Controller for Nintendo Wii - Go insane this Christmas with the impeccable Guitar Hero World Tour - the fully fledged band claimed as the most authentic videogame drum kit ever that comes with a wealth of amazing modes. This gadgets include an all-new eight-player online Battle of the Bands, an in-depth branching single player career and a massive Music Studio tool letting you create tracks from scratch to share online!

3. Power Traveller World USB Travel Adaptor – This is incredible power traveller USB adaptor as it can juice up your gadget in over 150 countries worldwide. All you need to do is just plug in a USB Cable into the Power Traveller. The compact size makes your work easier than ever!

4. Griffin Laptop Elevator for Apple MacBook / PC Laptops - This brilliant Griffin Laptop elevator meets to health and safety standards, making your laptop safer and more comfortable to use all day long along with excellent ergonomics, positioning the top of your screen level with your eyes.

5. Sandisk 16GB micro SD HC Memory Card - What more do you want as a memory space in your gadget than the new SanDisk 16GB microSD HC card. Ideal for all the picture taking enthusiasts around the world as they get tremendous freedom to take and capture more pictures, videos and other applications.

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