Friday, April 24, 2009

Addition in Street Fighter IV – Championship Mode Patch

Street Fighter IV has been one of the most famous video games. Came in existence in the year 2008, it made a mark in the gaming coliseum. Ranking high on the popularity charts, it is a hot favorite amongst the Japanese and North American gamers. Considered as one of the finest LAN games, it surely dominates the gaming market.

Successor of the popular Street Fighter II which consisted of the most popular warriors of the world, this one presents you with a whole lot of new characters. Street fighter iv, with all the characters being so popular, is one game anyone can relate to. Its demand is ever increasing because of the reality it exhibits.

One of the toughest competitor in the gaming market, it can give a run for money to any other game. It has been in the top rankers in Xbox 360 and PS3 games category. PC version of the game is going to be announced by Capcom on 1st May. An add-on in it will be the “Championship Mode Patch”. It would be a free download or all you owners of the game. Through it, you would be able to take part in tournaments. The tournaments would be of five levels.

Winning each tournament will add Grade Points in your kitty. A considerable amount of GPs will then allow you to enter the further tougher and higher levels of tournaments. You are awarded with Championship points on winning these tournaments. A real thrill, this definitely would be one of the most awaited news in the gaming arena.

Once it is out, this game has full potential to envelope a considerable amount of gaming market. Let’s hope just like all its other releases, this add-on would also be a bang.

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