Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Iron your clothes with the latest U button iron

Iron your clothes with the latest U button iron, well this iron is still in concept but soon it will turn to reality. As we all know it’s damn difficult to iron the clothes which have buttons and you cannot easily iron the part nearer to the buttons. For this issue the U button iron is made. It’s a cool gadget, the name U is given as it has a U shape in front to glide near the buttons.

U button iron

You can wear a fully ironed shirt and can look smarter; a well iron shirt elevates your personality. This iron has a push button and on pressing it the A shape of the iron goes in to the button part and press it properly, by pressing the push button again the A part will come out, an you will be ready with a complete iron shirt. Its easy to use this iron and it suffices 2 sharp standings, and with this you can make the iron stand while pressing your clothes. Reality bites, if concepts are so lovely and innovative, I hope it soon turns to reality.

U button iron


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