Sunday, February 27, 2011

Introducing a playstation 3 with plug in keyboard and mouse console

Do you wish that you had a keyboard and a mouse instead of the standard console controller? Rejoice all gamers! cause you don’t need to keep wishing, you can take it for granted! Here’s a playstation 3 that allows you to plug the USB keyboard and mouse directly to its console. Now you can get the PC first person shooting experience and also an edge over your rivals. U can install in it in just a minute. A great christmas gifts product for the gamers.

playstation three

This playstation3  has received rave reviews about its accuracy and speedy response of the commands and is a sensational addon in gaming gadetries. One button combo functions can also be programmed. So it a blessing for all the gamers out there, and they can be blasting out all their enemies, zombies, cannibals and what not!

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