Friday, April 1, 2011

iANGLE-holds your iPhone and holds your earphone

We all enjoy listening music especially if it is on our iPhone or iPod. It is always fun to put up your earphones and listen to your favourite songs. But what happens to your earphones one you are done with listening to music? Its just tangled in our pocket, isn’t it?


We have been listening to various types of iPhone and iPod stands. What is I tell you that now your iPhone/iPod stand will also hold your earphones? Surprised! Yes its true. iANGLE has launched a beautiful device that is very simple to use and can easily prevents your most required earphones from getting tangled. It has been launched and black and soon it will be available in white and it will be available to you at a surprising cost of $9.99.So it will be a perfect christmas gifts if you are on a budget.

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