Monday, April 4, 2011

Boingo to initiate Wi-Fi service for the grand iPad

Apple iPad has not made its way to the market yet. But the companies have started offering iPad something or the other. Apple iPad is going to release in the market this Saturday. Boingo a renowned named has also opened its account for iPad, it’s going to initiate Wi-Fi service for the grand iPad. This allows you to obtain credits for some 125,000 Boingo hotspots which are situated over worldwide and you will be given internet access whenever you required with this Boingo.
Boingo WiFi credits

This whole process is called as Boingo WiFi credits and here you can invest as less as $1.99 in your accounts. With this you can map any unknown place easily without hassles. With the small amount of $1.99 you can have one hour of access and this work with both iPhone and iPad. You just have to download this app to activate it and if you have the luck in your hands and if you are the 1000th person then you can win an iPad, great! So just try out, who knows you may be the lucky one.

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