Thursday, March 17, 2011

The chic and trendy Skullcandy Titan In-Line Volume Earphones

The in-ear head phones from skull candy come with colourful ear tips and cables and anodized aluminium ear pieces and make a perfect christmas gifts product. All in all they are highly chic, trendy and fashionable. And are a rage amongst the tweens and the teens. The earphones however tiny it may look is really a musical juggernaut of enormous proportions.

skullcandy earphones

Technical Details

•    An NdFeB magnet type
•    20-20K frequency range
•    100mW max input power
•    11mm speaker diameter
•    1.3m cable length
•    A 3,5mm gold plated plug
•    Accessorised with a nylon mesh carrying case
•    Includes comply foam tips
•    A 16ohms impedance

The skull candy earphones come in a variety of colors ranging from the beautiful black and white to the bold yellows, greenz and purples. The pack of the Skull Candy Titan In-Line Volume Earphones comes with the three different sizes for the ear tips so you can use whatever ear tip fits and suites you thus making listening comfortable and enjoyable.These earphones are a treat for the bass loving youngsters.

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