Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Versatile Gobandit GPS powerful video capturing camcorder

Even if you are having the recent photo capturing gadget you will surely get impressed by the new launched Gobandit GPS powerful video capturing camcorder and make journeys more adventurous. It fulfills a complete innovative upgraded technology capacity and water-resistant gadget with a magnificent GPS setup. Interestingly its users will explore the extreme capacitive functionality of the latest device conveniently.
Gobandit GPS powerful video capturing camcorder

Multi-purpose Gobandit GPS powerful video capturing camcorder built-in GPS navigation enables fast video recording, ensures display of maps and even direct over spread of recorded footage demo. Apart from all these you can even visualize the present speed & height from the surface and captures the footage at 720p30 speed with 5MP magnifying pictures with an auto focus of 2/5 seconds intervals. Wonderful gizmo has the support of integrated 2GB of memory and also SDHC (upto 32 GB of video capturing). Exclusive fast speed camcorder will available at a cost of $470…


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