Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dress up your iPhone 4 with 6 different colors Bumper Cases

iPhone 4 is ruling the mobile market with its sleek design and 3.5 inch Retina display screen. And if you are looking for cases to guard this little masterpiece then why not try the apple iPhone 4 Bumper cases. They are latest trend to carry your mobile in. Bumper cases come in 6 different colours.

Black Bumper Case
They are made up of two kinds of plastic- a band of hard shiny plastic in middle and a slightly more elastic and matte finish plastic in the surrounding band. It has recessed areas for headphones jack, USB port, mute switch, mic and speakers and metal buttons for volume and power buttons.
Blue Bumper Case
These two tone color bumpers are a blend of rubber and molded plastic and slides easily in your pocket. They give decent amount of grip without creating grip-pants-pocket feeling like the other rubber cases.
Pink Bumper Case
The six flash color bumper cases have removed the antenna woes too.The various experiments done on it shows that you can carry your iPhone 4 in bumper cases without worrying about the loss of coverage anywhere you go and hold it in any position you desire. They are a great christmas gifts article for the iPhone owners.
Orange Bumper Case
Just slip your 5.7 x 2.8 x 0.5 inches Bumper Case around your sleek designed iPhone 4 and protect it from the scratches and damages. The bumper case weighs only 5 ounces so easy to carry.
White Bumper Case
The six splashing color ranges from Baby Pink, Sky Blue, Royal Black, Serene White, Soothing Green and lovely Orange. So decorate your iPhone 4 with these colourful cases and make a statement!

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