Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Nite Glowring Assists You Locate Your Belongings

Glowring is a ring that glows indefinitely day and night for near about 10 years. It has a tough polycarbonate coating on its outside while on the inside there is a laser sealed glass tube of Gaseous Tritium Light Source (GTLS).  The inner surface of the tube is coated with phosphor and the chemical reaction between the phosphor and the tritium causes it to glow constantly without any external resource. The glowring needs neither the batteries nor the sunlight to glow.

Nite Glow Ring


•    No need of batteries or other resource to power
•    Available in variety of colours
•    Easy search of your things

This extremely specialized technology is used in military hardware and safety which where a prominent light source is required in risky conditions. With its help you can easily locate your keys which might be at the bottom of your bag. You can attach this to a light pull, a tamed pet’s collar like a cat or a dog and more.  It enables you to see your GlowRing even at a far distance of 30 feet with transparency.

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