Friday, March 18, 2011

Sony PIIQ collection- a designed for all

Music, the word itself is so refreshing. However, in order to enjoy good music you need to have good headphones. No sooner, we talk about music and headphones the first name that strikes our mind is Sony.  Sony has launched a series a skull candies that can allure any girl. These earphones are specially designed and are given a feminine touch.
Sony PIIQ Headphone

This set of elegant earphone design is named Sony PIIQ and is suitable for all. You can get this designer piece at an affordable price. First in the collection is Marquii with black DJ and hot pink color headphones.  Marquii arrives with padded ear cups big drivers, detachable cord and locking headband. When we talk about 30MM drivers, flexible ear cups and cords that are color coordinated to match the 3 different designs we get the picture of Giiq headphones.
Sony PIIQ Headphone
The best amongst the designs is the Qlasp. It is a unique but cute design. These ear buds cling to your ear lobe in every situation. You just need to plug in the ear buds and forget it. You can get the PIIQ collection ranging from $99.99 to $14.99. Whew! I knew it is affordable.

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