Monday, March 7, 2011

The Renewable Solar Powered iPod Speaker frees You from the Clutches of Batteries

The expiry dates of batteries and the fear of getting damaged if used continuously for long time has always being a big trouble. But now it’s no more. The Solar Powered iPod Speaker brings relief to the dilemma of replacement of battery. It brings a great revolution in ipod speakers ranges. This iPod uses the solar energy which gets stored in its lithium battery. Hence saves the electricity as well your money from flowing in water. It is a perfect Christmas gifts and a great green gadget.
Solar Powered iPod Speaker

Three hours of charging enables it for one hour of use. The rugged aluminium and rubberized body resists it from splicing with water. It has two 5 watt speakers built inside the speaker’ specs. Has the compatibility to work with most varieties of iPods, iPhones and MP3 players. This eco-friendly iPod speaker is a smart way to save non renewable resources and help the planet to maintain its charm. And to get hold of this non-conventional tool with a remote have to spend $199.

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