Thursday, September 11, 2008

World’s First solar battery charger for phones – significant indeed

Are you tired of carrying your heavy charger along with your mobile phone? Then the next thing you might be looking may be solar power battery charger for your pet (phone). Strapya and Tokyo Coil Engineering has breakthrough with this green juicing device for your mobile phone which it claim to be ultra small thereby enhancing its portability. Time to check one of the mobile accessories from the green brigade side. The World’s First ultra small solar power battery charger for phone is indeed a revolutionary design and establishment. You get rid off the tension of carrying your mobile chargers along when you owns this competent device, not only this it also a perfect solution for emergency times as it keep on sucking solar power from the environment in order to be fully charged.

To avail its benefit you just need to simply plug it into your phone and the solar charger would start absorbing the unlimited energy from the sun present in the environment. This natural charger is in the form of a phone strap.

Measurement: 12.5cm

Weight: 40 grams

Output: Gives 6 to 10 hours of charging results in just 40 minutes.

A outstanding invention and indispensable one specially when the global warming issue is heating up and crunch for fuel has begin. For you, it will keep you off the worry while travelling or even during a power cut. So now you need not worry until the sun shines. Just chill!!

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