Friday, September 12, 2008

SanDisk 32GB Extreme III CompactFlash card

Explore the photography world and you will realize as to what extent it has changed! The world of professional photography is soon catching a rage everywhere and this makes even a sizeable 4GB card sometimes falls short of storage expectations. Well for now SanDisk has come up with a 32GB storage capacity and company-claimed 50% enhancement in speed/date transfer rates, rest assured video and still photography will hit orgasmic levels.

SanDisk, the world frontrunner in CompactFlash card has been quite consistent now. Not to forget the fact that SanDisk 16 GB did got a good response from the audiences.

According to the sources an early October release has been planned for the 32GB SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash series. The card will be available at $299.99, which is reasonable considering the amazing storage capacity it offers.

The new Extreme III 32GB CF card promises a theoretical speed of 30MB/sec (200x) (read and write). Besides photography, HD digital video recording might be another application that benefits from the extra capacity and speed, depending on the quality.

Ideal for photographers and videographers. For all those who feel 32GB is a little more , SanDisk 16 GB might be a right choice to make .

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