Saturday, September 20, 2008

Nokia CK-20W multimedia car kit is complete package for cars

Earlier, you had to install every system separately in your car If you are too much demanding in a way that you car must have everything right from music, navigation or communication devices. Now, the new-fangled Nokia Bluetooth Multimedia Car Kit CK-20W wraps up all these function in single pack. Be it mobile phone, personal in-car music player or, music box it can be used by connecting with the Nokia Navigation Pack LD-2 for convenient navigation. The operating unit puts phone, music and navigation functions on your fingertips conveniently.

Nokia CK-20W is the first integrated handsfree solution that combines high-quality communication, music, navigation and push-to-talk in the car. The user-friendly system is compatible with a wide range of mobile phones delivering excellent audio quality because of advance DSP (Digital Signal Processing).

Cable connection or via Bluetooth streaming can be used for playing Music stored on a mobile phone over the vehicle speakers in stereo quality sound. Here the in-car music player originates, amid functions like start/stop, previous/next track accessible on the operating unit of the handsfree system. Thanks to a Pop-Port interface and Bluetooth wireless technology. Besides these it also features:

1. Automatic mute when a call comes in or a navigation voice prompts in music playback mode.

2. The choice of selecting an alternative setting for phone audio.

3. The scalable map feature.

4. The Nokia Navigation Pack LD-2 and the 'ROUTE 66 Mobile 7' software application to make the system compatible with most of the devices.

5. GPS receiver doesn’t require recharging.

6. Spoken cues are communicated over the handsfree system.

7. Organize, and personalize your voyage

Nokia Multimedia Car Kit CK-20W takes your music from mobile to your automobile.

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