Saturday, September 13, 2008

Explore the wireless world with Nano USB Bluetooth Dongle

In simple words, Bluetooth dongle is a slang used for adapter. The immense usage of Bluetooth dongle is justified given the fact that it connects your mobile to multiple devices such as laptop, PDA and other such gadgets.

Nano USB Bluetooth Dongle is one such beautifully designed finger-nail sized Bluetooth Adapter that easily plugs into any laptop or tablet USB port. What’s more this tiny sized yet powerful USB Bluetooth Dongle uses latest technologies - Bluetooth standard v2.0 +EDR and USB 2.0. This makes sure that your connection speeds is excellent making room for enhanced voice and multimedia quality, greater Wi-Fi environments, and up to three times faster data-transfer speeds than v1.2 Adapters.

Also one of the aspect to watch out is the sheer compact design. You can connect Bluetooth devices such as a mouse, speaker, and mobile. Digital photoframe simultaneously and take maximum advantage of the wireless world!

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