Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nokia CK-600 brilliant Car Kit – USP music

There was much apprehension when Nokia - the CK-600. Car kit was launched in town. Convenient handling, simplified installation and software updatability are the three magic mantras of this model. Nokia has consolidated the most sought features in a car kit in the form of CK-600. The Nokia Talk voice guidance and a remote control help you get started.

Now coming to the “what you can do with this” section let us put you through the mind blowing features. The in-car handsfree calling is comfortable and easy. The 2.2 inch TFT display in 65,536 colours is Adjustable and detachable. You can even download up to 3,000 phone numbers for 2 users each. And obviously since CK-600 is dedicated to music lovers you can play music through Bluetooth after integrating with your car's loudspeakers. The audio quality is undisputedly excellent. It also handles up to two calls simultaneously. An active call management system is much talked about is accessible via remote control (included), helping you maintain your concentration while driving without having to loose your million-dollar negotiation over the phone.

When CK-600 display mounts onto your dashboard, so you can easily see who's calling and access several of your phone features. The kit in not only compatible with nokia handsets but most of the other brands aswell like sony ericsson, Motorola, i-mate, benq-seimens, blackberry, HTC, LG etc.

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