Monday, September 22, 2008

Two Marvel Bluetooth Dongles

Today smartphones have become advanced but then the need of bluetooth dongle that is bluetooth USB adapters doesn’t cease. Two such marvellous bluetooth dongles are Belkin Bluetooth V2.0 USB adapter and Linksys Bluetooth Adapter.

With Belkin Bluetooth Adapter you no more need to get messy with those cables for connecting various devices to your desktop PC or notebook as Belkin Adapter provides a cable-free connection to your computer with other Bluetooth devices quickly, without having to establish a networking infrastructure. All you need to do is simply plug the adapter into the USB port of your computer and connect to your cell phones, printers, PDAs, or other computers enabled with Bluetooth technology. You can wirelessly transfer you e-mail and other files as also within 100 metres as it is v2.0 compliant.

On the other hand with Linksys USB Bluetooth Adapter too you'll be able to connect with other Bluetooth-enabled devices to synchronize the data and other files on your PDA, transfer files to other computers, send files to printers or fax servers, use a wireless mouse, keyboard, or telephony headset, or use your mobile phone as a link to the Internet, all without those entangled and messy cables.

The excellent part being that with the USB Bluetooth Adapter plugged into a USB port on your notebook or desktop computer up to seven Bluetooth 1.1 compatible devices can connect to the USB Bluetooth Adapter simultaneously, creating your own "Personal Area Network". The Adapter is a Class 1 long-range device, and is powered directly from the USB port, so there's no need for an external power supply.

Really both the dongles are worth possessing it for those who transfer files very frequently.

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