Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jabra BT2020 Bluetooth Headset – 5 things may convince you!

Jabra BT2020 has been designed such that it fixes behind your ears discreetly giving you all-day comfort. The classically designed product offers you Extended talk time and standby time thereby giving exceptional value.

What does it do? It has intuitive operational functionalities on features side, including auto-pairing, call answering and end capabilities and voice dialling. Apart from taking calls, it also Adjust volume level, supports Voice Dialing and last number redialling. It also sports Call waiting options and can Place call on hold. The Talk time is 8 hours whereas Standby time comes upto 360 Hours. It’s extremely light with 16 g.

The Jabra BT2020 has the same ergonomic design as the Jabra BT250v but features the latest Bluetooth technology and promises enhanced audio transmission, rendering “crystal clear" conversations.

Tech specs include the newer Bluetooth 2.0 technology that means you'll be able to use for music via your mobile phone and EDR and eSCO deliver superior sound clarity.

In total you would like:

  • It is very lightweight and ergonomically friendly.
  • Design makes it unnoticeable so nobody can really figure out if you are wearing it.
  • Easy to use and very simple in its functionality - plug in, charge for 2 hours and you're done.
  • A selection of ear pieces is available to choose to fit the size of your earhole.

Truly Jabra 2020 Bluetooth headset is unique and amazing.

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