Monday, September 29, 2008

Nokia DC-1 is your portable mobile fuel station

Busy lifestyle has gripped everyone which might result in non-availability of power stations when you really need one. But now you can conveniently be near a power outlet exigently whenever you want. We are talking about The Nokia Power Pack DC-1 that has reserve power portable package with pretty and elegant looks. You can carry the equivalent of up to three batteries with you and recharge your mobile device when you most need it.

The Nokia Power Pack DC-1 accumulates a charge equivalent of up to the juice of three 950Mah batteries which means your handset that normally lasts for 4 days of regular use could be stretched to a couple of weeks.

You can carry it wherever you go being light and portable. Compatible with Nokia 2mm charging interfaces, The Nokia Power Pack DC-1 can recharge up to two mobile phones simultaneously if needed as the power pack has two charge output cables.

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