Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hottest Nokia Car Accessories

Nokia Mobile phones are all about quality design, impressive set of features and full of exciting entertainment applications. Nokia N96 is the recent convergence smartphone which has been in picture for a while because of its amazing aspects. In this context, Nokia accessories are of utmost importance indeed!

Well let’s look at three of the hottest Nokia car accessories.

Nokia 6270 Mobile Car Holder CR-44

With CR – 44 amazing holder you can easily hold your Nokia 6270 phone firmly in place in your car. With the slide cover open revealing the keypad, you may also operate the phone as usual. Simple accessory as it seems but can work wonders at times.

Original Nokia In Car Charger DC-4

The Nokia DC-4 Multi-voltage charger plugs into the cigarette lighter and allows your phone to be used even when the battery is empty. Very useful for those who frequently forget to charge their mobile batteries while going outside and lose power in the process.

Nokia GPS Navigation Pack LD-2 with Route 66 Mobile 7 software

Last but not the least this GPS Navigation pack is full of excitement and thrill. Say goodbye to folding maps. With the Nokia Navigation Pack LD-2, first-class multimedia maps and directions are available at the touch of a button.

The Navigation Pack also comes with ROUTE 66 Mobile 7 navigation software, pre-installed on a memory card to make your explorations even easier.

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