Friday, September 19, 2008

Jabra SP500 Bluetooth speakerphone – simply impressive

The Jabra SP500 is a portable Bluetooth speakerphone, ideal companion in car, office or at home. This palm-sized speakerphone is especially designed to suit your busy mobile lifestyle which builds on effective communication. The Jabra SP500 being a wireless speakerphone is relatively bulky and is modern and stylish without a single straight line to be found.

Off-the-shelf AA nickel-metal-hydride cells

The SP500 has a very good stamina as it is able to offer a good amount of talk and standby time. You can even replace the rechargeable batteries with off-the-shelf AA nickel-metal-hydride cells when they wear out. It boasts up to 20 hours talk time and 480 hours standby time.

The multifunction button

Although the multifunction button used chiefly for connecting and disconnecting a call is large enough to handled and, the mute button and the volume dial are too small which ensures safety while driving.


The SP500's microphone works perfect, delivering clear, even if slightly tinny, sound to the receiving handset.

The best

1. The Jabra SP500 has impressive battery life and works well with our cell phone's voice-dialling interface.

2. Doesn’t require installation.

3. Automatically adjusts speaker volume to account for background noise.

The bad In nut shell:

Jabra SP500 long battery life and ease in pairing with a cell phone makes is competitive to other Bluetooth speakerphone.

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