Wednesday, September 17, 2008

HBH IV 840 brims powerful style statement

I am a trendy person who was looking for a Bluetooth headset. I scrolled up and down lot of websites in order to find the best of the best. Then one day i came across sturdy looking Bluetooth headset that was quite edgy in shape. I checked it out and soon it flaunting it. That is Sony Ericsson HBH IV840. What impressed me were its minimalist yet trendy looks, Great sound, excellent performance and long talk time which means an exceptional Bluetooth headset solution.


  • Style – simple and trendy design
  • Automatic volume adjustment - Walk into a noisy environment and the volume adjusts automatically in less than a second.
  • Enhanced data rate - Much faster transmission speed, lower power consumption and greater bandwidth. What this means is less interruptions and better batter performance.
  • Adaptive frequency hopping - AFH reduces the impact of interference between wireless technologies, resulting in excellent audio quality.
  • Auto-pairing – it pairs faster and simpler by dropping the PIN code without compromising security.
  • Digital signal processing - DSP technology for echo cancellation.
    Last number redials - click the key on your Bluetooth™ headset to call the number you last dialled.
  • Compatibility - coordinates with Sony Ericsson mobile phones as well as with handsets from other manufacturers.
Sony Ericsson HBH IV840 is must have Bluetooth headset if you are looking for reasonably priced headset comprising all great qualities.

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