Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cool-designed Sharp DK-AP8 iPod Dock

In this fast growing competition it is not essential that all ideas or gadgets gain equal popularity. But we can surely state that iPod is one such product which easily approaches everyone’s mind with its innovative and well-designed features. If you look at Sharp's new iPod dock you will undoubtedly recognize its importance. The cool iPod dock is named as ‘twenty-ten’ or ‘Sharp DK-AP8 iPod Dock’ with upgraded playback features with a sleek system designed in black.
Sharp DK-AP8 iPod Dock

Sharp DK-AP8 iPod Dock has highly integrated with 2.1 speaker system joined with built-in Sub-woofer with an efficient HDSS technology. It also has a video out connecting support and a Sound Retrieval System WOW. Sharp iPod Dock comes with a high-quality sound bar called as HT-SB400 has 3.1sound system with a subwoofer, equipped with 32W RMS of sound power and the detachable remote controls as well. It has a couple of front speakers, dual center speakers and two subwoofers also.

With all such amazing features Sharp DK-AP8 iPod Dock will cost you just £100 and
HT-SB400 will costs around £180 only.

Source : www.varologic.com


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