Monday, January 24, 2011

Steering Wheel Bluetooth Car Kit for $48 only

In this hi-tech world where we all are well-aware and conscious about our needs so corresponding to this we need some precise and stylishly designed gadgets. One of our best devices which accompany us daily and allows us to move from one place to another comfortably is a car. Specially designed latest innovation in Steering Wheel Bluetooth Car Kit will modernize your car and allows you enjoy while driving easily.

Steering Wheel Bluetooth Car Kit

Steering Wheel Bluetooth Car Kit is well-integrated with built-in MP3 player and also a FM transmitter so that you can broadcast those tunes to car’s speakers as well. This luxuriously designed car kits supports Bluetooth, wireless audio and functions like a wireless headset as it is facilitated with Bluetooth Speakerphone and a removable earpiece. Apart from these fabulous features it has MicroSD card slot, a built-in phone book good for 600 numbers, LCD magnifying display and a rechargeable battery.

With all such upgraded modifications it will cost you $48 only…

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