Monday, January 31, 2011

Cupertino Monitor stand and mouse pad for your computer

Have got bored with the chunk of black plastic stands and the boring mouse pad of your PC? Want to refurbish your desk? Then Cupertino gets you the solution. The new Cupertino Monitor Stand and Cupertino mouse pad compliments your Mac and iMac perfectly. Stand has the apple aesthetic, a shiny outer white shell with metallic silver touches. The rounded edges make it so attractive. It raises the laptop, computer or the net book to an ergonomic level, which gives you a perfect vision and a comfortable position. It can support 18 kg of weight without fail.
Cupertino Monitor and mouse Pad

The mouse pad too has a shiny outer white shell having a contrasting silver accent. It has an under-side of plastic. It has a large dimension giving the extra space for the movement on the pad. It is a great christmas gift and perfect for the roller-ball mouse and the optical laser mice. Hence both pieces give a trendy and the most waited look your PC was waiting for. The Cupid Stand/mouse Pad bundle is available for $39.99.

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