Sunday, January 16, 2011

RIM to announce, Alpha 1 BlackBerry Bluetooth Headset and watch

RIM is on the roll to announce its latest Alpha1 blackberry Bluetooth headset and watch both. The vice president of RIM has confirmed about its new project expansion about this watch and headset. The latest headset is named as Alpha1 BlackBerry Bluetooth Headset and it has noise reduction technology thus giving you an ultimate experience ever. It is made in black chrome shell with logos of Blackberry on top and has buttons.

Blackberry bluetooth headset

This headset is good in use and you can boom with your music, attends your calls and all the commands for voice navigation, and while watch has all the part of Blackberry phones to play. It gives you alerts on all your messages, mails, texts and you can even tweet around. You can easily transfer music and videos and music wirelessly, so amazed with its features? There is no word on its pricing, but it will hit the market soon. Wear and have a glare at his resplendent watch.

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